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Fri, Oct 22, 2010
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Get radiant skin and glowing complexion with improved facial treatment
by Cynthia Loh

If you're looking for a quick and effective treatment for acne and acne scars, pigmentation and wrinkles, try out Allure Beauty Saloon's i-One facial treatment.

Combining an advanced version of the three technologies of bi-polar radio frequency, intense pulsed light (IPL) and skin contact cooling, the treatment allows for the deeper penetration of IPL into your dermis to work on the problems you have with your skin.

How it works: Radio frequency penetrates into the dermis to directly deliver heat to your hair follicles, at the end of which you will find your sebaceous glands. This allows the IPL to be applied with less amount of energy to your glands to prevent the further secretion of excess sebum (which is often the root problem of acne). Radio frequency also stimulates and restructures collagen production in your skin to increase your skin's elasticity and reduce finer wrinkles.

The third technology, Skin Contact Cooling, is applied at the same time to reduce any feelings of discomfort that you may experience while undergoing bi-polar radio frequency and IPL so as to allow you to experience better results.

The treatment achieve multiple effects from clearing and stopping existing acne outbreaks with no risk of scarring, reducing the appearance of fine wrinkles, lines and hyper-pigmentation, and aids in removing unwanted facial hair as well.

What to expect during treatment: A cream with anaesthetic properties is first applied to areas of your skin that will be undergoing the treatment to numb any possible pain you may experience during the process. After which, your skin is then cleansed, followed by the application of a cooling gel to further ease any discomfort you may feel from the heat of the light treatment.

Your eyes are covered with a mask to protect them during treatment. If you haven't been through a treatment of this nature before, be prepared for a little discomfort that is akin to having pins pricking your skin. While heat and light are the main source of treatment, the skin contact cooling and gel that is applied beforehand helps to alleviate any pain you may feel. It's a good idea to let your therapist know to inform you when she begins to apply treatment, so you are mentally prepared.

All in, the one and a half hour treatment includes two facial masks to hydrate and nourish skin, and followed by a neck and shoulder massage to complete your session.

Results: You can expect to see some improvement in your skin after just one treatment. My pigmentation cleared up slightly after my first session, but it will take about five to eight sessions to see more results. You may also experience a slight reddishness in skin, not unlike a slight sunburn, which does clear up after three to five days.

The extent of results will also depend on your skin's initial condition. While there is no downtime and you don't have to hide away from the rest of the world to recover, there are some steps to take as your skin heals. This includes abstaining from spicy foods, too much seafood, foods that contain colouring and alcohol for at least a week. Organic skincare  is recommended during this time too, and sunblock is a must when you venture out into the sun. You are also advised to avoid steam baths and saunas, and to bathe with cold water while your skin heals for the next 10 days following treatment.

There are some conditions that exclude you from opting for this treatment though, including pregnancy, if you are trying to conceive, people who have metallic devices installed in their bodies and dark-skinned types.

One session costs S$480.

Allure Beauty Saloon is located Tiong Bahru Plaza (Tel: 6270 8845), and City Vibe (Tel: 6779 2242).

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