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Fri, Nov 12, 2010
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Scandals can do wonders for public profile

(Above: Supergirl contestant, He Jie, performing at the 7th Chinese Music Media Awards in Hong Kon, 2007)

In what appears now to be a regular occurrence, a B-list showbiz celebrity has had supposedly nude pictures of herself uploaded onto the Internet by what is rumored to be an irate ex. The Super Girl 2005 contestant He Jie denies the photos are of her and made an impassioned plea for netizens to ignore the offending jpgs on her Sina Weibo micro blog.

"I feel more sad than angry. Whether it is the initiator, the people who forwarded the photos or just rubberneckers, I want to say that people should not slander and should not live without a sense of morality."

Since Celebrity Sauce contributors profess no inside knowledge of what she looks like without clothes on, we are prepared to believe the photos are of an imposter. Which leaves the question, who is it and why would they do this?

Loyal readers will be reminded of the case of Zhai Ling, a car model who was dubbed "Beast Beast" and whose candid pictures were uploaded by her former boyfriend after they split, earlier this year. Zhai's career hit a new high after the scandal and perhaps He can look forward to a similar uptick in interest. It's a cruel world.

Our favorite songbird, Faye Wong, is in the middle of a series of 10 concerts in Beijing and Shanghai that has been setting records for all the wrong reasons. What should have been a cause for celebration - the return of China's top diva to the stage after a hiatus of more than five years - has turned into a chorus of disapproval over price gouging.

Her management company has been accused of colluding with scalpers to drive up the price of what were already expensive tickets to absurd heights, as much as 5,000 yuan (S$970). According to a Fazhi Evening News article, the "scalper marketing strategy" hurt Wong's credibility as she didn't offer new material at the shows, went off-key and appeared panic-stricken at times. As such she stands accused of just cashing in, but it has to be said that if she is making 6.5 million yuan a concert, as reported, the criticisms will be like water off a duck's back to Wong.

Last week we reported the generally unfavorable reactions to news that actress Barbie Hsu and heir-to-a-fortune Wang Xiaofei had a flash engagement after just four dates.

Well, the backlash is continuing, but Wang appears to have had enough and has hit back. After the pair had a meal together in Shanghai, the 34-year-old Hsu was ridiculed for putting a blue bow in her hair and accused of pretending to be mutton dressed as lamb. Ouch! As if that wasn't enough she was called a "wicked woman" for being the cause of the breakup between Wang and his ex.

In response, Wang rounded on the netizen who came up with the "wicked woman" moniker and gave him a dressing down. Hsu, no doubt, will be pleased to note that her knight in shining armor has come to the rescue by publicly defending her honor.

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