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Tue, Nov 23, 2010
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Do's and don't s for giving gifts in the workplace
by Lynn Fu

It's the year-end rush to gift-giving as the holiday season nears.

But when it comes to the boss, co-workers and valued customers, not everyone has the art of giving a gift down pat.

Here are some tips to guide you through the maze that is gift-buying.

And as you head out to hit the shops, happy Christmas shopping!

Here are ten timely tips on the do's and don'ts in gift-giving:

1) No gifts of a personal nature.

Romantic gift such as lingerie is a no-no, but a well-thought-out gift is appreciated. For example, if you know your co-worker uses a certain brand of hand cream at office, you may consider buying her a limited edition gift-pack.

2) If you are choosing a different type of gift for each co-worker, make sure the variance is not too obvious so as not to make anyone feel 'less important'.

After all, colleagues are bound to compare notes.

3) Be sensitive towards the recipient.

While wine may seem a popular gift during Christmas season, it's not an appropriate gift for those who do not drink alcohol. And when gifting a bottle of wine, add a little finesse by using a wine holder that's provided with compliments from the wine cellars.

4) Be mindful of the person's lifestyle.

If a person's lifestyle does not revolve around food and wine, then a gift of food and drink may not be an appropriate gift. Paying attention to details shows your thoughtfulness.

5) If you have formed a close work relationship with your boss and would like to add a personal touch to your gift, such as a gourmet delivery of turkey, have it discreetly delivered to the boss' home.

6) Food items are always excellent choice for Christmas, but be sure not to commit gaffes by sending a beautifully roasted whole turkey to a boss whose family are vegetarians!

7) When gifting 'tricky' people in the office, such as your superior whom you aren't very close to, and the gift is to come from only you, consider cookies or a box of rare chocolates that she can share with others in the office.

Generally speaking, people appreciate gifts which are presented in a nice packaging. If you don't know what to give, an imported box of chocolate or cookies will be appreciated.

8) If you want to give your subordinate something, consider departmental store gift vouchers.

Alternatively, a boss might want to send his personal assistant a fine dining voucher treat for two at an upscale restaurant so that she can enjoy it with a loved one.

9) For office parties, consider gourmet food baskets which contain a variety of food items.

Bosses can also show their generosity by having the staff share the goodies that are delivered to the office.

10) Whatever you choose, remember to present the gift with a hand-written personal message. It's the thought that counts.


This article was contributed by Lynn Fu,

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