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Fri, Jan 28, 2011
The New Paper
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Jacelyn Tay champions baby-making race
by Charlene Chua

FERTILITY rates in Singapore may be on the decline, but former actress Jacelyn Tay is doing her part to champion baby-making.

She is four months pregnant with her first child.

Tay, 35, who has been eager to have a child, conceived in Bali - right after her wedding last year.

She got hitched to her businessman husband, MrBrian Wong, 42, last October.

When the owner of wellness centre Body Inc first found out that some members of her female staff wanted to conceive, she encouraged them to take Chinese herbal supplements, which she said would cleanse and revitalise their system.

She took the supplements too.

There are currently four pregnant women, Tay included, working at the wellness centre. Of the three other women, one is a health-care practitioner, another is an accountant and the third a therapist.

Like Tay, the trio, aged between 25 and 30, got pregnant last year.

"I know more married women who are trying to conceive than those who do not want kids," Tay told The New Paper, adding that she was puzzled about the statistics of falling birth rates.

But one thing she is sure of - "all-day" morning sickness.

In fact, Tay was so ill that she was practically bedridden from November to December last year.

As for her honeymoon, the couple had planned to tour Europe, but they made it to only one city, Zurich.

Even then, she had to stay indoors every day because of her condition.

Tay - who plans to sign up with MediaCorp again - was also to have attended a press conference for the local Chinese New Year movie Homecoming yesterday. But she couldn't make it at the last minute as she was still unwell.

Acting comeback of sorts

In the family comedy - which opens here on Feb 3 - she makes an acting comeback of sorts after a five-year break from local television.

Her role as a restaurant manager opposite stars like Jack Neo and Mark Lee is a cameo.

Tay said that she has thrown up so much that she has no appetite, much less any food cravings that pregnant women often get.

But if she were to develop cravings for unhealthy food, Tay said that she would find healthy alternatives.

Of the nausea, Tay said: "I think all mothers are amazing. I asked my friends how they could puke for months and still have more (children)?

"They told me that once the baby starts kicking, I will want more babies. I'm waiting to see if that's true."

Apart from cooking meals for her that do not make her nauseous, Tay revealed that her husband was certainly looking forward to meeting the little one.

She said that when they saw the ultrasound scan of her baby, Mr Wong cried.

Said Tay: "My hubby cried when he first heard the baby's heartbeat. To me that's both sweet and funny.

"When we did the first trimester scan, I saw my baby yawn and the hands stretch out to touch the toes. I thought it was amazing. I didn't cry; (once again) it's my hubby who did."

Tay added that they don't know the baby's sex, and that they have no preference.

The leggy beauty intends to do aqua yoga - yoga practice in the water, which is a popular programme with those who have trouble with mobility on land - from her fourth month to the day she delivers.

For now, Tay and her husband are not throwing up baby names yet, as they want to wait till they know the gender.

But will Tay heed the old wives' tale and not wash her hair for a month during her confinement period?

"No, as I believe in hygiene.

"I'm also planning to go for massage sessions as I want to make sure that my thighs are kept in shape," she said.

Tay, who will breastfeed her child, said: "What are breasts for?

"It's nature's way of providing the best for the baby and it helps save money for milk powder!"

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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