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Tue, Apr 19, 2011
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Happily married... in secret
by Joy Fang

YET another impending secret celebrity marriage has been unearthed by the media but, this time, it's happening on our very own shores.

Singapore songstress Stefanie Sun, 32, was found to have filed a marriage application secretly on March 31 with Dutch beau Nadim Van Der Ros after dating for about five years.

Sun isn't the only one to keep her dealings in marriage a secret: Other Asian stars got married under the radar, only to be exposed later. Jackie Chan, for example, married Taiwanese actress Lin Feng Jiao in 1983. The couple's marriage was kept under wraps until Chan revealed it in his autobiography, 15 years later.

Other stars who kept mum about their marriages include Hong Kong Cantopop star Andy Lau. News of his marriage to long-time partner Carol Choo broke in August 2009, causing a furore - and a backlash from disappointed fans who felt he had deceived them in order to protect his image as an idol (and a swingin' single).

And let's not forget Hollywood stars like Beyonce and Jay-Z, who played a cat-and-mouse game with the public for months about their marriage in April 2008.

Industry experts my paper spoke to say artists have compelling reasons to be discreet about their nuptials.

They may be concerned about alienating their fans. Or, sometimes, their contracts may prevent them from spilling the beans.

Ms Yvonne See, the general manager of home-grown label Ocean Butterflies Music, feels it's unnecessary for celebrities to hide their marriages.

"Marriage isn't a crime. But they must have their own personal reasons for not revealing the news," said Ms See, who manages artists like JJ Lin and BY2. She added that the public should allow celebrities to have their own private space.

As for rabid fans who are outraged by revelations of secret celebrity marriages, she said: "An artist's role is to entertain the public.

"If artists are responsible and diligent in their work, then (a secret marriage) shouldn't affect people's perspectives of them."

Ms Marcia Tan, an agent and manager of home-grown artist- management company Sixtyfive, said: "Fans can feel cheated or outraged...(but) I don't think it is possible for any celebrity to please every fan."

Still, she said that stars need to be careful about their decisions and consider if they are willing to bear the consequences of their actions.

So, all things considered, what should celebrities do if fans are up in arms over a marriage that has come to light? It seems that it's best for them to apologise, explain their actions, and then move on.


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