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Fri, Jul 15, 2011
The New Paper
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Coco Lee reveals wedding plans
by Yeoh Wee Teck

COCO LEE turned up with her twins in Berlin, Germany.

First, they played hide and seek at the press conference last Wednesday to launch the Triumph Inspiration Awards 2011 - a design contest for students. Later that night, the twins stole the show on the red carpet for the awards.

Okay, the Hong Kong pop singer doesn't really have twins you've never heard of.

That's just what she calls her buoyant bosom.

While we weren't able to confirm if her ample cleavage was aided by Triumph's famous Maximizer bra, Lee, 36, did say: "Every girl is looking for a bra that her boobs look good in."

And she looked amazing.

Lee was candid about her twins being in the limelight. She said: "It is too much when you show nipples, but other than that, you have to feel comfortable and feel comfortable with the exposure."

Lee added: "I think all women want the same thing - we want lingerie to accentuate our curves, make our bust line fuller and especially if you're wearing certain type of dresses, you want to make it look as if you're not wearing anything underneath."

Obviously, Lee follows her own rules.

At the press conference, her twins defied gravity and accidental exposure, encased snugly inside a white Herve Leger dress.

They made a sly elusive appearance, just enough to get people to notice but not so much as to be vulgar.

Lee was also totally open about her upcoming wedding to Canadian businessman Bruce Philip Rockowitz, 52, whom she's been engaged to since 2005.

This will happen in Hong Kong in late October.

"I can't believe somebody wants to marry me!" she joked. And she assures The New Paper that she is not a Bridezilla - yet.

But she added: "I am a very detailed person and I need to get involved.

"The worst part of planning a wedding is reading all the contracts. Venues, entertainment, and we're talking about pages and pages of contracts.

"That's the only part that has been nightmarish."

Lee is lucky to have her team.

"We have an events organiser, we have a designer and Bruce helps with all the planning."

But, as expected, it is the wedding gown that is keeping her busiest.

Lee revealed: "My dress is designed by Vera (Wang). It's a couture piece and at the end of this Berlin trip, I'm going to New York to do my third fitting.

"I'm getting very close to getting the final thing. It's very exciting."

She added: "I like shapes that accentuate the female body and it's (been) my vision for a very long time. Vera has a very great team and they are creating my vision.

"So if the gown is ugly and tacky, it's really my fault."

Then there is the question of movement.

"The hard part is walking because the dress is so body-hugging.

"So maybe they can put me on roller skates or something," she said with a laugh.

There is also the matter of getting into that wedding gown. Lee lamented: "Girls are always dieting.

"I can't wait till it's after the wedding, so I can eat everything in sight."

Lee dismissed the idea that she might wear lingerie as a wedding dress, but she teased: "However, anything is possible after the ceremony!"

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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