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Mon, Dec 12, 2011
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Gems that complete the look

YOU'VE got your feather earrings and your leather headband. And you're squared away when it comes to soft, drapey tops, suede-fringed vests and gypsy skirts.

In short, you have mastered "boho chic".

But here's a suggestion: You're not quite done. Not unless you've mastered the art of mystic boho, which will bring you closer to the real roots of the trend and will take you beyond mere fashion. To begin, think about wearing pieces with true cosmic meaning.

Jewellery from Singapore label By Invite Only can be said to provide a link to the past, and to the divine. Pieces are based on crystals, from citrine to amethyst and pyrite.

It is said that crystals - which were used in sacred ceremonies by ancient civilisations from the Aztecs to the Egyptians - possess metaphysical properties.

They are said to be able to aid in healing, provide protection, and even alter the energy of the wearer. And, supposedly, crystals are not chosen - rather, they choose the wearer.

Yesterday, By Invite Only, headed by designer Trixie Khong, celebrated its second anniversary with an exhibition featuring its latest crystal collection, titled The Higher Being, at A Curious Teepee at *Scape. "Assembled by humans, created by the higher being" is the tagline for this range.

The collection, found only at Teepee (there are four other stockists of By Invite Only, which works with each store to "curate" unique collections for each shop's customer base), marks a step towards being bigger and bolder than before.

Body chains and statement necklaces abound. And, truly, the pieces - which, for the first time, incorporate rare crystals such as cobalt and opal aura quartzes - seem to glow from within.

Ms Khong, 23 - who graduated from the National University of Singapore with a degree in communication and new media studies - says that she doesn't necessarily think of the crystals' metaphysical properties when creating her pieces.

"I am inspired by the beauty of the materials, of each stone," she says. "I work from there." She is conscious, however, not to alter the unpolished, raw form of each crystal, which she sources from Brazil and the United States.

"I don't compromise how the crystals naturally are when fashioning them into a jewellery piece to be worn," she says.

Thus, each piece is unique - plucked from the earth and providing a connection to the earth's natural forces.

Next up for the designer is, perhaps, a bespoke service.

"It seems to be the natural way to go," says Ms Khong.

What can we say but "we can't wait".

Visit A Curious Teepee at #02-24 at *Scape (tel: 6820-1680) to view the collection. Pieces range from $95 to $399. To join By Invite Only's mailing list, visit

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