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Tue, Nov 08, 2011
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Waiting for the right guy made me happy
by Maureen Koh

Three years ago, she was one of three sassy singles featured in The New Paper on Sunday.

She was part of the brigade of single women who had given Singapore's leaders cause for concern.

Their worry - as explained by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong during his National Day Rally speech in 2008 - was the impact these women had on Singapore's (rapidly declining) birth rates.

Then, preschool teacher Candy Soh had told TNPS rather defiantly that she would not want to be married for marriage's sake.

Since then, Cupid's arrow has struck.

Ms Soh, 30, is now a happily married mother of a four-month-old baby boy, Eshton Wu.

Mr Right is Mr Ervine Wu, 30, a civil servant. The former schoolmates dated for a year and a half before they got married in January last year.

Says Ms Soh: "We were together when we were 16, then we broke off.

"But we were friends all along. And after 11 years, we got back together."

She adds cheekily: "How did that happen? Well, we were two bored singles who chatted on MSN and kept talking about old times.

"Then we decided to meet up and bang! Fireworks."

Ms Soh says her wedding was the happiest moment in her life because "I was getting married to my best friend".

And no, Mr Wu is "definitely not the romantic kind!" but he's strong and dependable.

"When I fall, he's not the type who will go 'aiyoh, sayang sayang'.

"He's likely to tell me, 'hey get up and move on, crying is useless'."

But adds Ms Soh: "He may nag, nag and nag, but all the more it shows me that he loves me. "So I become stronger."

To help give her a stronger sense of purpose in life, Mr Wu encouraged Ms Soh to start a business.

She says: "Much as I loved teaching, Ervine suggested that I run a little business so that I can be even more proud of myself."

The result is Palette Pictures - a photo booth business that caters to occasions such as birthday parties, company events and baby showers.

And of course, weddings. Ms Soh says: "Now that I've found my happiness, I too hope to see more couples getting together. Nothing feels more wonderful than seeing the happy faces of people in love."

Juggling the multiple hats she now wears is a tall order but she admits: "To be a wife, mother, teacher and businesswoman is really not easy, but with Ervine's constant support and encouragement, everything is a breeze."

On a scale of one to 10, she rates herself as a "110" on the happiness index. Happiness, she says, is about attitude, and what one wants out of life.

She says: "Instead of focusing on the 101 things that make you unhappy, why not concentrate on the sources of happiness in your life?"

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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