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Tue, Dec 06, 2011
The New Paper
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US couple accused of nailing door to child's room shut

This couple took child discipline to a whole new level.

And now they're paying the price - police charges have been brought against them.

Kyle Erwin Skinner, 23, and his girlfriend, Cindy Marie Cantu, 24, of the USstate of Georgia, have been arrested and charged with locking their three-year-old child in a bedroom by nailing the door shut, reported ABC News.

The couple are facing charges of cruelty to children and contributing to the delinquency of minors.

The toddler was wearing a soiled diaper and had not been bathed.

He also had a severe nappy rash that had caused an open sore in the creases of his legs. The toddler had no access to proper food, according to the police report, and rotting milk and food littered the floor.

Police officers were forced to kick in the bedroom door to reach him.

"The condition of the home presented hazards such as insects, faecal matter, rotting food, soiled diapers, standing water in the shower and general unclean conditions of the home," read the policereport.

Skinner is also charged with battery of a pregnant woman, for attacking Cantu.

According to the police report, Skinner struck Cantu "multiple times in the face, causing visible swelling and bruising to herface in the area of both eyes, her nose and lips".

"Cantu also had an abrasion to the rightside of her forehead close to the area of her temple."

Skinner allegedly pushed Cantu to the ground, sat on her abdomen and struck her multiple times in the face.

The police warrant said that after taking money from Cindy Cantu, "said accused referenced an abortion, and advised Cindy Cantu he had 'already done half the job for her'."

Officers arrived at the residence last Monday and found the child locked in the bedroom. That night, they found Cantu, who had gone to the hospital for treatment of the injuries inflicted by Skinner.

She was arrested at the hospital.

The following day, Skinner was arrested at a nearby residence.

It was not clear whether they had lawyers, reported Fox News.

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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