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Mon, Jan 09, 2012
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Christopher on having babies with Fann
by Chew Wan Ying

Since she tied the knot with Christopher Lee in 2009, all eyes are on Fann Wong's tummy, in hope of spotting a baby bump.

While the couple has openly expressed that they would love to get a visit from the stork, it seems that the MediaCorp power couple don't have much luck in that department.

However, don't expect Christopher to sweat any moment, as he said in a phone interview with the local press: "Everyone asks us about this, but my family don't. They don't apply any form of pressure on us and just let us lead our lives the way we want."

The actor, who will celebrate this Chinese New Year with his wife in Malaysia, continued: "It's not a matter of getting it as long as you work hard enough. Nowadays I don't dare to tell media what I want, because if I did, everyone would have expectation and it'd become a form of pressure. I don't like that."

Even without a baby, their relationship remains as sweet as ever, with the 40-year-old actor naming Fann - known as the Queen of Caldecott Hill along with Zoe Tay - his favourite subject in photography.

"She's closest to me and she spends the most amount of time with me," he said, laughing heartily. "Moreover, she's really photogenic. So I feel like photographing her all the time."

Despite that, Mr. and Mrs. Lee are not your usual cam-whoring couple, as Christopher admitted that he only whips out his camera for special occasions, for example, when he's overseas or on a set.

"I've photographed Fann before when I visited her on the set. We also took pictures when we were honeymooning (in Europe). The photographs were later published in (Singaporean entertainment magazine) I-Weekly," he recalled.

Even though he does not seem like an avid photographer, these experiences came in handy when he plays a photographer in his latest drama series Secrets for Sale.

Slated to start airing on Malaysia's ntv7 on Jan 10 (Tue), the Singaporean series sees Christopher playing a debt-ridden photographer who finds himself landing a job in a private investigating firm operated by Jesseca Liu's Jia Qi, a serious former cop.

Secrets For Sale will be something refreshing for Malaysian viewers, according to Christopher.

"When it's airing in Singapore, we get feedback from viewers saying that it's something special - very modern and fast-paced," he said.

The reality is often more than meets the eye - that's the crux of the show, he said.

"There're a lot of funny interactions between us. At times you feel like hitting my character yet you find his words to be true.

"You'd find yourself feeling for him towards the very end. Though he might appear very flirtatious, he's actually very loyal in love," explained Christopher.

Is he similar to the character in that aspect? Of course, he replied, adding that Fann, also 40, would agree to that.

"Or else why would she marry me?" he laughed again.

While he's a well-known star across the Causeway, the Malaysia-born actor harbours a dream of filming in his homeland, adding that he would love to collaborate with his younger brother, 35-year-old Frederick Lee, who is also a popular TV actor that can be seen in local productions like The Iron Lady and Glowing Embers.

It might seem hard to believe, but Christopher claimed that he has never watched his brother's performance before.

"It happened that each time I'm back to Malaysia, his series are not showing on TV. I've asked him to show me some of his TV performances, but he forgot about it," he said.

Well, what type of role does he see himself playing opposite Frederick?

"I don't want us to play brothers. That's expected. Everybody knows (we are brothers). Maybe we can play enemies or partners [laughs]!" he replied.

*Secrets For Sale premieres on ntv7 on Jan 10 and is aired every Monday to Thursday at 10pm.

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