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Mon, Jan 16, 2012
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Countdown to a dragon baby
by Karen Teng

IN LESS than three months, Ms Kelly Thean will become a mother for the second time when she delivers a baby boy.

The 30-year-old tour consultant had waited for over two years to have a "dragon" baby.

She had timed her pregnancy so that she would deliver a baby in a Chinese zodiac sign that she considers is compatible with her, her husband and their first child born in 2009.

"My first son is an 'ox'. I am a 'rooster 'born in 1981 while my husband is a 'dragon' born in 1976.

"We wanted a dragon baby because according to beliefs, these four animals - rooster, ox, dragon and snake - are compatible with each other."

Ms Thean was born in Penang, Malaysia, but is now a Singapore permanent resident. Her self-employed husband is a Singaporean. Their children will hold Singapore passports.

The couple would like to have three children, but after having their first, they decided to put their babymaking plans on hold.

She says: "2010 was the Year of the Tiger.

If the baby was a boy, it would have been good. But if it was a girl, I was concerned that she would be 'too fierce'.

"Last year was the rabbit year but I did not want a baby then, girl or boy, as the zodiac sign is not compatible with me, a rooster."

Ms Thean says she was overjoyed when her doctor told her that her baby would be born just weeks after the start of the Year of the Dragon, which begins on Jan 23.

"It's better to have a dragon baby at the beginning of the lunar calendar as the child will be at the loong tou (dragon's head)," she says.

Ms Thean is not alone in wanting a dragon baby. She says: "Two of my colleagues are expected to deliver their babies next month. Between the three of us, we will have two boys and a girl."

These new Singaporeans and other dragon babies will give Singapore's flagging birth rate a welcome boost.

With her desired dragon baby on the way, Ms Thean is ready to welcome her third child.

She says: "2013 will be the Year of the Snake and hopefully we will get a girl!"

This article was first published by the Special Projects Unit, Marketing Division, SPH.

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