updated 18 Jul 2013, 13:38
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Thu, Jul 18, 2013
The Star/ANN
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Ah Long take soft approach with women collectors
by Wong Pek Mei

KUALA LUMPUR - Members of the fairer sex are stepping into the shoes of their male counterparts as debt collectors.

Ah Long are hiring more attractive women to collect debts as many of their male counterparts are said to have quit.

MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Seri Michael Chong said many male debt collectors had given up their jobs for fear of being beaten up by mediators, their employers or borrowers.

"They feel that the job is not worth the trouble," he said at his office yesterday.

Chong said he was told by a female debt collector on July 12 that more women were joining the profession and using more "subtle" approaches to collect debts.

"The women, who are attractive, would go to the borrower's office and sit there quietly until the debts are paid.

"They do not use violence.

"Instead, they are gentle and dressed nicely.

"Many borrowers are willing to pay back their debts to these women out of embarrassment because their presence attracts unwanted attention," he said.

Chong said the woman debt collector, only known as Kok, told him women took up the job because they considered it an easy way to earn money.

She also said it was hard to find other jobs that were easy and paid well.

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