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Wed, Aug 15, 2012
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Staying fab after 55
by Chester Chin

Anyone over 55 can still look and feel fabulous. The "secret" is knowing what to do, whether it's for your hair, skin or clothes.

Here are some fashion and beauty tips from stylist Peter Lum to get you on the right track.


Less is definitely more when it comes to make-up for ageing woman as too much will age one's appearance and enhance the wrinkles on the face.

Only use make-up to soften your skin's features. For this purpose, look for make-up which contains fine light-reflecting particles to provide a glow to your skin.

Don't go for pale lipstick shades as these can make you look ill. Consider mixing light and bright lipsticks for a unique colour.

Do not go for dark eye shadows as that will take away the warmth from your face.

Use face powder with a satin finish and not flat matte as natural skin already looks flat and dull. A satin finish powder will make your skin look fresher.


For older skin, practise a healthy skincare regime which consists of moisturising, lifting and firming. At the same time, don't forget to cleanse and tone too.

When applying toner or a moisturising product, use upward, outward strokes as the movement will "remind" your muscle tone to lift and avoid stretching the skin downwards.

Use firming and lifting products to counter wrinkles and sagging skin. Look out for products which have collagen as that works in tandem with elastin to give skin its texture, structure and appearance.

Eye creams are important to lift and firm up sluggish eyelids.

Sunblock is important, even when you're staying indoors! It helps protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sun. Pick a good sunblock with a minimum SPF of 30.

Finally, a good dose of physical exercise will add a healthy natural glow to your skin.

Hair care

A shorter cut is not only easier to manage, it also helps to disguise thinning hair.

A good haircut by a good hairstylist can make a world of difference to how you look.

Regularly brush your hair to stimulate the scalp follicles and distribute the natural oil along the hair shaft.

Apply hair serum to give your crowning glory a glossy and shinier finish.

When applying hair conditioner, start from the ends and move towards the roots of your hair.

Dressing style

Take note of the latest runway fashion trends, but don't emulate the exact styles as these usually cater to younger women. A little sensible judgment is needed to ensure you don't go overboard with your choices.

A good length for skirts is two-and-a-half centimetres above or below the knee.

Avoid clothes with earthy colours as these shades tend to wash out the complexion of your skin.

Draped clothing helps to cover the fullness of a body and is suitable for women with a curvaceous shape.

The right undergarment is crucial to help shape the body and provide the necessary support it needs. Consider boy shorts that go all the way down the hips as these can support and lift up the posterior.

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