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Tue, Sep 04, 2012
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Young, pregnant, and bashed up by hubby

A 19-year-old girl has taken her marriage troubles to Facebook after her husband allegedly beat her up ruthlessly.

She also claims to be two months pregnant.

Identified as Amanda Fong, the petite girl posted three videos showing CCTV footage which captured scenes of her husband bashing her and being aggressive toward her mother.

It is unclear what the argument was triggered by. Ms. Fong said that she tried to escape by reaching for the door release button but was obstructed by her husband.

In the videos, the young man can be seen pulling her hair, slamming her on the floor, sitting on her, choking her and dragging her across the room.

Although she is seen trying to retaliate, she is unable to overcome her attacker.

She gets up at one point to go to the toilet as she needed to throw up. However, the bashing continued as soon as she returned.

The girl, believed to live in Malaysia, has gained tremendous support from netizens after she came out with her story.

She also uploaded images of bruises allegedly sustained from the beating up.

Outraged, many of the netizens are calling for justice to be done and have shown support for Ms. Fong by sharing her story with others.

See photos here.


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