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Tue, Sep 18, 2012
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Review: Clarins Double Serum [Hydric + Lipic] Complete Age Control
by Cynthia Loh

Having used some Clarins products previously, I can confidently write that this established French beauty brand can make little mistake when they push out their next new beauty item.

And as I enter my 30s, I find that my senses are more heightened when I hear of new anti-ageing potions to hit the market.

So the latest offering from Clarins - the Clarins Double Serum [Hydric + Lipic] Complete Age Control - is something that piqued my interest.

The serum is actually Clarins' seventh generation of the original anti-ageing double serum, with the first anti-ageing serum launched in 1985 and the sixth, in 2007.

Having come such a long way, this little bottle has also seen a lot of improvement, not just in its ingredient list, but also in its application method.

For those who like to know more about their beauty potions, the latest double serum has new natural and synthetic ingredients that promise to deliver the following five results for your skin:

Hydration: Containing double hyaluronic acid, this synthetic ingredient provides moisture that penetrates deep into skin levels, and lock that moisture in as well, so that skin is adequately hydrated.

Regeneration: Using a new ingredient, green banana - and note, this does not mean unripe bananas, the collagen level in skin is replenished and skin can renew itself.

: Another key ingredient is kiwi, a fruit that is Vitamin C-rich and also a known anti-oxidant source

Protection: Green tea helps to protect against external environmental stressors

Oxygenation: Helps skin to breathe better. Maritime pine extract, which is the only plant ingredient kept from the previous iteration of this serum, is another anti-oxidant rich ingredient.

But it is not only the ingredients' formulation that has been improved for better results, the pump on the bottle is also key to making sure your skin receives maximum benefit from the two oil- and water-based serums.

According to Clarins, the pump serves out the two formulations in a specific proportion that matches our skin's oil-and-water ratio.

This is unlike the sixth generation, where although a double pump was provided, the bottle had to be tilted in a just-so angle to get the correct oil to water serum ratio.

In other words, not too much, nor too little, but just right, so that our skin receives the most suitable amount of serum, and a definite time-saver too.

When I tried out the serum, I noticed that my skin felt a lot more hydrated, and the serum was effortlessly absorbed. Yet, it did not leave a sticky after-feel. However, one pump did the trick for me, while two pumps proved to be a little too much.

For those looking for a quick perk-me-up, you can look forward to an immediate difference in your countenance.

The serum is mostly for ages 25 and up, but it is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

And as an interesting footnote, Clarins is a big believer in sustainable product development.

They shared that having found that product packaging leaves the biggest carbon footprint, they have since cut down their packaging by double-printing on their product packages, removing the instruction leaflets usually found inside, and making the paper carton lighter.

To this, I say: 'Hooray!'

Already available at Clarins counters since last Saturday, the 30ml bottle retails from $118.




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