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Wed, Oct 10, 2012
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Pregnant Stefanie Sun excitedly preparing for baby's birth

SINGAPORE - Mando-pop star Stefanie Sun is working out harder than before, even while she is pregnant. 

She took to her blog recently with thoughts about her pregnancy.

Currently in her final trimester, Sun, 34, says she has been working out about five days a week, even more than when she was preparing for her concerts.

Three days are dedicated to gym work, and she hits the pool on nights when she can make it.

The exercise, she says, is to prepare her body for the delivery, as she believes she needs to be strong for the delivery and "to be a strong mother".

Sun added that she has gained about 12kg.

But as she approaches the final leg of her pregnancy, Sun says she has been skipping the workouts for naps and long baths instead.

She also enjoys folding the baby's new clothes and the "baby smell" on them.

Despite complaining about her forgetfulness, swollen legs and not being able to sit "without looking somewhat vulgar", Sun expressed excitement about the baby's arrival.

"But yes I am super excited. I await with strong open arms," she blogged.

According to media reports, Sun and her family are aware of the baby's gender, but plan to keep it under wraps.

But at good friend Jolin Tsai's concert in Beijing recently, the Taiwanese pop star let slip that Sun is having a baby girl.

In a pre-recorded video segment, Sun asked Tsai, "Is my baby a boy or a girl," to which Tsai quipped, "A girl!"

It will be Sun's first child with her husband, Dutchman Nadim van der Ros, 35. The couple got married last year.

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