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Sat, Oct 13, 2012
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Do these WAGs know their football?
by Sazali Abdul Aziz and Aida Johan

Can you explain the offside rule?

SUZIELYA: (Confidently) It's when the striker cannot be in front of the last defender. Right?

WARDAH: I have no idea. Sufian has tried to explain it to me, but I really have no idea.

FARHANA: I do. I tried explaining to Wardah also using bottles and pictures but...

WARDAH: She explained for a long time, but I still don't understand.

Do you have a favourite football team? Or favourite player?

W: Nope. I don't watch football at all. Sufian talks to me about it sometimes, but he knows I don't watch, so even if he says anything, there's no point.

S: Manchester United. Shahdan is a Red Devils fan too... if I'm not wrong.

F: My favourite team are Liverpool, but it's been depressing watching them recently. My favourite player is Martin Skrtel. Irwan is a Chelsea fan.

Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?

F: Lionel Messi, maybe because he seems more humble.

S: Same.

W: Who's more handsome? Ronaldo? Okay then it's him.

If you and your partner have a child in the future, would you want him to be a footballer?

S: Why not?

W: If he chooses to be one, sure. Then his dad can also tell him stories from his time in football.

F: I'll leave it to him.

Their predictions for last Thursday's game against ATM (Which the Lions lost on penalties)

F: 1-1, I hope there'll be a penalty shootout because I find them shiok. Irwan is suspended, so he hopes they will just win by any score so that he can play in the final.

S: I think it'll be 1-1 also. I hope Shahdan will score a birthday goal for me (she turns 24 today). That is my birthday wish and I pray really hard it comes true!

W: Sufian is injured I think, but I think we will win... Shahril (Ishak) will score.

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