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Fri, Oct 19, 2012
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10 worst places to look for Mr. Right

Where not to look for Mr. Right

Have you been kissing lots of frogs while eagerly awaiting your prince? If you’re having little luck, it might be time to start changing where and with whom you mingle. Watch out where you go though; if you find a strapping gentleman in any of the places below, treat him with caution. Here are the top 10 worst places to find a man:

Worst place to find man 1: At the gym

We love the gym. A place where we can keep fit and healthy while there’s a high chance of spotting an attractive man working on his muscles? Yes please! Combine this with our mismatched clothes, scraped back hair and red sweaty face though, and we’re not so sure this is the best place to meet Mr. Right after all.

Worst place to find a man 2: At a concert

Meeting someone at a concert means that you share the same taste in music and you’re probably in the mood to socialise – all good so far. When it comes to talking though, it can get pretty awkward. Conversations punctuated by “SORRY – I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” aren’t the best when you’re trying to get to know someone. Concerts and gigs may be a good place to meet a man, but maybe just exchange numbers and arrange a more official first meeting for another time.

Worst place to find a man 3: At a lingerie shop

If you meet a gorgeous guy who ticks all the boxes... but he’s in a lingerie shop, alarm bells should start ringing. If this guy is claiming to be single or buying underwear for his family member, he’s either telling porkies, has a strange relationship with his family, or he has a weird fetish. Either way, he’s probably not Mr. Right. Next!

Worst place to find a man 4: In the office

Meeting someone in your work place means sharing lifts to and from work each day and seeing a friendly face to cheer you up when you’re under pressure. While this works out fine, it wouldn’t be quite so good if you were working in exactly the same office. What if you decide you aren’t right for each other a few months down the line? Awkward! Alternatively, if you did kindle the perfect relationship, spending all your time together could get somewhat boring.

Worst place to find a man 5: Your ex boyfriend’s party

Your ex boyfriend, your ex boyfriend’s best friend, your ex boyfriend’s cousin’s best friend... no matter who it is, if you have a connection through your ex boyfriend, the chances are that your paths will cross again in the future. If you get along really well with your ex, go for it. If you can’t stand the sight of him, it’s probably not a good idea to be hooking up with someone he knows.

Worst place to find a man 6: At a bar

This is one of the most common places to meet a man, but it’s also probably one of the worst. It’s dark, there are usually large amounts of alcohol involved and you can’t hear this gentleman over the loud music so you just have to smile and nod. Bars are often populated by men looking for the most scantily clad women, too – no thank you!

Worst place to find a man 7: At a funeral

Funerals are for saying goodbye to the deceased and celebrating their life, not saying “hello” to a hottie you met two minutes ago. Yes, he may look great in black, but funeral flirting is a no-no, out of respect for the dead. Maybe wait until the wake and then exchange numbers?

Worst place to find a man 8: When either of you are at work

Whether it’s you working or him, trying to have a flirty conversation around colleagues can be a little cringe-worthy. If you work with your boss, flirting in front of them looks bad. If you’re a manager of the company, it sets a bad example and looks seriously unprofessional.

Worst place to find a man 9: When he’s involved in his hobby

Is this guy a football fanatic? Or maybe he’s an avid artist? Whatever his hobby, if he’s involved in it when you meet him, hang fire until he’s finished. It’s not a good idea to approach a man when he’s preoccupied with his hobby – men don’t like being distracted and tend to need one hundred percent concentration. Wait until he’s finished and then ask him how it went. That’s got to be the perfect ice breaker if ever we heard one.

Worst place to find a man 10: Outside a strip club

We don’t really think this one needs an explanation. If he’s outside of a strip club, the chances are he’s after more than a good chat and someone to hold hands with.

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