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Thu, Oct 25, 2012
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What other celebs say about paternity scandal
by Kwok Kar Peng

"(Terence Cao) kept quiet on the issue initially because he needed to get some information first.

I met him at an event two days ago and he was calm. We should be proud of him that he's taking the responsibility like a man and not running away from it."

- MediaCorp actor Zheng Geping

"Don't tell me this is a publicity stunt!

It's been a long time since something exciting happened in our local showbiz industry.

The aunties and uncles now have more things to read about.

(Terence Cao and Miss Shi) are old enough to handle this. The answer (to the DNA test) is simply yes or no.

If yes, then be responsible to the child. If no, then too bad. This is not something bad. Both parties went into it willingly. It's not like (Miss Shi) was an underage girl."

- MediaCorp actress Aileen Tan

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readers' comments
Key: "Cao also said he gave $2,000 to Miss Shi after she told him she needed money to return to China."

Then she disappeared. Something is fishy here. It seems to be that her excuses are all rubbish as part of her plan to siphon money from men.

Possible Ruse:
1) As she had already slept with many men including Cao, she hatched a plan to swindle men of their money.
2) The child could either be hers or someone else, as part of the plan.
3) For her plan to succeed, no DNA test should be carried out and can be lucrative depending on how much she had 'rented' the baby.
4) The more men she had slept with, the more she earns.
5) The child's age can also vary to adapt to last meeting .....
Posted by BlackDragon on Fri, 26 Oct 2012 at 11:34 AM

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