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Sat, Nov 03, 2012
Daily Chilli
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Vivian Tok to Jumbo Queens: 'Thin is nothing but a trend'
by Chew Wan Ying

The perception that thin is in is just that, a perception—and perceptions change all the time, says Chinese radio presenter Vivian Tok, whose full-bodied figure is as well-known and as much loved as her warm humour and catchy laughter.

Vivian was one of the judges at the recent Jumbo Queen 2012 beauty pageant in KL and she said the whole slim movement is "nothing but a trend".

"A plump figure was hailed as the definition of beauty during the Tang Dynasty in ancient China, while artistes back in the '70s and '80s weren't as skinny as the celebrities we see nowadays," she told the contestants and a cheering crowd.

"Words like plus-sized and big boned are just different ways to describe a body size. The most important thing is to live your life for yourself and not others," she added.

That attitude was certainly big on display among the finalists at the pageant celebrating beauty and confidence in all shapes and sizes. The dozen finalists—aged from 19 to 38 and weighing from 82kg to 127kg—proudly flaunted their assets as they paraded in casualwear and evening gowns.

There was a good deal of booty shaking during the performance segment, too, which the supportive crowd ate up. Fans of the finalists were out in full force as they raised banners and posters, hooting and hollering for the lovely ladies as they strutted their stuff on stage.

In the end, it was Siti Aishah Abu Hassan who tipped the scale and took the crown, with Lee Sook Teng and Yuhanis Nazira Ismail coming in first and second runner-up. Yuhanis, nicknamed Meow, also won the Most Talented title and the ERA FM Most Popular Choice Award.

And though Lim May Ling missed out on a top three placing, she clinched the Most Popular title, the Most Online Votes On Facebook Award and the MY FM Most Popular Choice Award.

All the winners said they had come a long way in recognising that they could be big and beautiful.

"I've had my issues," said insurance agent Siti Aishah. "I couldn't wear certain clothes, and there are still people who are like 'Wah, so big' when they see me." But the 31-year-old is so comfortable with herself now that she's started her own fashion line for plus-sized women. "This win is good marketing," she quipped.

Similarly, living large wasn't something Meow was proud of before, but the 23-year-old CIMB executive is now determined to show that, "Even though we're big, we have our talents and we deserve to shine."

As for Sook Teng, the competition has helped boost her ego. "Now I'm able to speak and dance in front of people. You should always be confident no matter if you're big or small," she said. "But never give up the hope that you might be slimmer one day."

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