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Thu, Nov 22, 2012
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Understand your body to lose weight
by Jeanne Wong

SINGAPORE - If you want to lose weight, you need to do it the smart way - by understanding your body. That is what slimming specialist Marie France Bodyline believes.

The company has come up with a new body analysis which scans your body to highlight the areas in your body which has a high percentages of fats. With a more precise understanding of the body, they are then able to target the specific areas directly.

A first for Southeast Asia, the Cellu Check Plus is a new body fat index diagnostic system which identifies the Body Mass Index (BMI) and Body Fat Index (BFI) in individual body areas.

Using ultrasonography, the images are picked up via echoes of sounds waves.

The world-patented diagnostic tool measures water retention distribution, muscle mass thickness and identifies loose skin areas. According to The Journal of Japan Society for the Study of Obesity, it has a cellulite measurement accuracy of 96.8%.

After getting a body scan, I was surprised to know that my understanding of my body fats was actually reversed. I always thought my problem areas was my upper body but the results showed that most of my body fats is in my thighs and mid-section.

I also tried out the Cellu Check Plus device to break down the wall of fats in my stomach. My stomach felt tense and firm after the 30-minute treatment.

Speaking to the in-house nutritionist, I was told my diet caused water retention in my body due to a diet high in sodium and low in potassium.

Cellulite buster

Marie France is also introducing a new treatment to combat cellulite, known as Acoustic Radial Therapy (ART).

This non-invasive treatment was introduced in September and combines high energy radial waves with vacuum technology.

A tool which generates rhythmic pulses penetrates the skin up to a depth of 35mm. Then, a suction force will stretch and squeeze the targeted tissue to break the grid structure of the fat cells beneath the skin.

During the treatment, you may experience a slight "knocking" sensation as the tool works on the targeted area.

After a few treatments, one can expect to see results such as the reduction of water retention and improvement of toxins drainage from the body. The connective tissues will be strengthened and visibility of cellulite will be minimised.

The body will enjoy more efficient blood circulation and the skin will appear firmer.

Marie France is offering Cellu Check Plus as a complimentary pre-treatment analysis for their clients and is subjected to availability and appointment only.

The ART treatments are currently available at all Marie France Bodyline outlets in Singapore and there is a special introductory price of $98 (usual price $325) till December 2012.

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