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Mon, Jan 07, 2013
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8 years on, with kid in tow
by Tan Kee Yun

Clearing immigration

It is the same for other official documents, such as passports. Chung said that when she was clearing Singapore immigration, she was "concerned" if she would be "held back for questioning", as her passport shows her original name and pre-surgery picture.

"I was worried, because of course I don't look like my old picture any more," she said.

"Thankfully, everything went smoothly. The (immigration) officer looked at my photo, at me, and asked, 'Is this you?'

"After I replied 'yes', he let me through! It was quite fuss-free."

She and Mr Beh have defied the odds - eight years on, the couple are going strong, with a kid in tow.

In 2006, they adopted the youngest son of Chung's sister and they completed the necessary paperwork with her consent.

"He was 10 when we adopted him, now, he's a teenager. He knows my identity and he's cool about it," she said matter-of-factly.

"I gave him an English name, Jeffrey. You can say the name's like a memento, to remember my past self."

Her spouse and family members are supportive of her commitment to giving the entertainment industry a shot. But Chung said that while she has managed to get her dad's blessings, he isn't entirely convinced she will last the distance.

"He keeps thinking I'm just 'experimenting' as a singer and actress. I want to prove to him that I'm totally serious," she said.

Chung is now filming her debut movie, a China-produced swordfighting action caper called WoBei Chuan Qi (I've BecomeALegend) in Jiangxi province.

She plays the villainous female lead in an ensemble cast that includes Chinese actor Liu Hua and Hong Kong veterans Cheng Peipei and Law Kar Ying.

Although she harbours desires of lighting up the big screen with her charm, Chung doesn't aspire to be a star known for her sweet looks.

"After my sex change operation, I didn't follow up with hormone injections, so I have awful skin, and I don't really have curves," she said, chuckling.

"I did try those injections for two months, but they resulted in horrible side effects like vomiting and fainting spells, so I stopped.

"I guess I can forget about taking on idol-like roles.

I'm fated to play female killers!"

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