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Wed, Jan 09, 2013
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Happily Never After
by Syahirah Anwar

SINGAPORE - Pre-wedding jitters are not uncommon. But they usually aren't due to wedding planners who are a no-show.

In the case of one wedding planning company, which is popular with the Malay community, marrying couples were all nerves because of the planners' antics.

Less food than promised was delivered in one case. In another, the planners allegedly didn't even turn up to do the decorations. And Enchanted Wedding, the planners in the middle of it all, has had to face the wrath of the couples.

Take the case of police officer Mohamed Jufri Amran, 29. He paid $3,000 in advance for Enchanted Wedding to dress up Gurame Indonesian Restaurant on Changi Coast Walk for his big day on Dec 30 last year.

The planners were suppose to arrive at 6pm the day before. Mr Mohamed Jufri waited for 10 hours before facing the reality that Enchanted Wedding were a no-show.

He said: "It was tiring and I was mentally exhausted by the waiting and excuses they were giving me. I really didn't expect them to not show up at all."

He kept calling the planners only to have them say that their team was on the way. But no one turned up.

He claimed that they eventually didn't bother to take his calls. The restaurant management, who had been waiting with Mr Mohamed Jufri, found out about the no-show at 3am and quickly pulled out potted plants, materials and props to spruce up the venue for the 1,000 guests.

The couple had no idea that the restaurant was putting up some decor, so they were pleasantly surprised although still disappointed that it was not the wedding they had dreamt of.

Restaurant to the rescue 

Said Mr Mohamed Jufri: "We were surprised to see that the wedding hall was not as bare as we expected it to be. We are really grateful to the management for helping us."

His older brother, Mr Mohd Hairul Hanafi, had gone on the company's Facebook page hours before the wedding started to voice his frustrations, only to learn that there were others in similar predicaments.

Through the Facebook page, Mr Hairul arranged for all those affected to meet at the Orchid Country Club on Dec 31 last year to discuss the matter.

Enchanted Wedding did not respond to his posts and deleted them a few days later.

Three couples and two pairs of parents showed up with their families to discuss the problems they had with the wedding planners.

Two couples, including Mr and Mrs Mohamed Jufri, have made police reports against the company and all those affected are considering further legal action collectively.

Said Mr Mohamed Jufri: "What they did was extremely unprofessional and horrible. They ruined not only our day, but also other couples."

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