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Mon, Jan 28, 2013
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More explicit photos
by Tan Kee Yun

He claimed to have "more explicit photos" in his mobile phone, but said he has "no intention" of posting those as "it would affect my reputation too".

Mr Chua declined to show us the pictures when we asked him.

So how would posting those two pictures stop her from pestering him?

Mr Chua said: "Hopefully she'd get the idea and stop."

When we told him that Low had told TNP in a previous interview that she was a virgin until 2010, he exclaimed: "Nonsense. During our relationship, we've checked into hotels several times..."

Low said it was "ridiculous" that Mr Chua was making all these claims about their relationship and her personal life.

"My friends have suggested that I take legal action against him. I've thought about it too, but my dad feels it'll be a waste of money," she said.

"He can roll out the explicit pictures if he wants to, I'm not scared. I might just wait and see what happens. Anyway, this guy is giving me free additional publicity!"

But the photos are the last thing on her mind these days.

Earlier this month, she battled a severe bout of depression. She said that she didn't know what could have triggered it.

"I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2009, but I've never had depression till now."

Low said she has been seeing a psychiatrist regularly since 2009 and is "feeling better now" after being prescribed anti-depressants and "anti-psychotic pills".

According to her doctor, said Low, her depression was likely caused by her recent break-up and also her hectic filming schedule, she said.

She called it quits with her 34-year-old property agent boyfriend after 21/2 years together due to differences over his career path.

From September to December, she was filming in Johor and Desaru for new local slasher flick Justice Devil, slated for release after Chinese New Year.

Low, who is single, plays an assassin in the movie and said that almost all her scenes were "extremely physical".

It marks her first leading role in a movie. She had a cameo in local director Wee Li Lin's 2011 film, Forever.

"I had to hold chainsaws and hammers," she recalled.

"But all in all, acting was fun! I also don't feel that my depression was due to relationship problems because my most recent split was amicable."

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