updated 11 Feb 2013, 17:58
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Fri, Feb 08, 2013
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Fans like him 'for who he really is'
by Charlene Chua

Mike Kasem is the sexiest man on this earth, according to his local fans Pamela Wong and Tyeisha Ayub.

Since The New Paper launched our date-a-celeb series featuring the radio DJ and fellow bachelor, TV host Paul Foster, last week, applications have been pouring in from women who want to win a Valentine's date with them.

The entry forms are on our website on, and the closing date is at the end of this week. Among these women are two of Kasem's most ardent admirers.

One has a "Mike shrine" at her work desk filled with pictures of Kasem while the other is a 15-year-old who gushes at the thought of marrying him.

Both are adamant that they like him "for who he really is".

But will the US-born, Singapore-based Irish-Lebanese hunk be open to dating a hardcore fan? Kasem, 39, told The New Paper: "I think it depends on how huge the fan is.

"Some big fans are so into your personality on air or on screen that they'll take you to be that person in allaspects.

"We're all entertainers (so we may not really be who we portray while doing our jobs).

"If you are someone who has seen my shows and get a kick out of it and that's where it ends, then yes, I would feel comfortable dating you."

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