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Wed, Apr 03, 2013
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'Boomz' my shoes

I go through my pairs of flats at a ridiculous rate.

They never seem to last more than two months.

"You have knives instead of toes," my mum tells me when she spots that my shoes have split open yet again.

I'll admit that most of my shoes are rather flimsy constructions, but I am a skinflint. And I suppose one gets what one pays for.

But last week, I decided to discard my cheapo ways for once and invest in a good pair of footwear.

And so began the search for a pair that would give me some edge and attitude.

Signature Style

This store is so edgy that it doesn't have the shop name at its front.

Nor did I spot its name anywhere within the shop. I finally found a flier that said 'P.V.S'.

Wow, even its name is shrouded in mystery. I had to ask the sales assistant what the name was.

She said: "Provisions."

I know we are a nation of acronym- and abbreviation users, but seriously?

It would have been a tad pretentious with the dim lighting and loud music, except the shop actually lived up to the promise of edginess, with its fashion-forward options.

Spikes, heels, quirky leopard prints and lace-up boots were prominent. Fierce is the word I'd use.

With my docile pair of flats, I almost shied away from entering the store.

The shoes were all from known cult brands like Dr. Martens and American brands Jeffrey Campbell and G.H. Bass & Co.

They even had sports shoes from New Balance in many bright colours.

The shoes ranged from "Hmm, that's nice" to "Is this a lethal weapon?".

But some pairs did catch my eye.

There was a pair of furry leopard printed flats in blue - I know it sounds like Christmas came early for former Miss Singapore World Ris Low ("boomz!"), but in my defence, it did have a certain charm.

I also loved a pair of Dr. Martens boots which had a dark, almost Gothic floral print.

But some of the Jeffrey Campbell ones had me scratching my head. Most of them were heeled booties - and some were even covered with little spikes.

I reckon those shoes would come in handy when taking public transport at peak hour: They'd scare commuters away and get you some personal space.

Price Point

Given that they are cult brands, I expected the shoes to be expensive - and they were. But I didn't find the prices unreasonable.

Many pairs looked like they were made of tough, sturdy material and able to withstand extreme conditions.

And the designs weren't bad.

A pair of oxford shoes with a print that resembled an artist's brightly coloured palette went for $219.

Given the brand name and the unique print, it's a good buy.

A pair of pink Dr. Martens Mary Janes that looked perfect for my European summer holiday cost $169.


The lone sales assistant was hidden behind the cashier's desk most of the time as she was busy with paperwork.

But she was helpful when customers needed a particular size and would stay around in case they needed more help.

It's all I ask for in a shoe shop.

Store layout

The lack of a prominently displayed store name at its front put me off a bit. But the cool decor and interior made up for it.

The archway at the entrance made me feel like I was entering an exclusive club.

But it was the main display wall that impressed me the most. Each pair of shoes was placed in a metal mesh supermarket basket pasted on the wall.

It matched the quirky vibe of the style of the shoes and contributed to the overall browsing experience.

When it comes to shoe shops, a problem I have is limited seats. I often have to stand and try on shoes.

Here, there was ample space, which is definitely a plus.


If you're looking for a change in style and have some cash to spare, this store is worth checking out.


WHAT: Provisions (P.V.S)

WHERE: #02-05 Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, 8, Grange Road

WHEN: Sundays to Thursdays: Noon to 10pm; Fridays: Noon to 11.30pm; Saturdays: Noon to 12.30am

HISTORY: This store opened late last year and is by the same people behind another hip footwear shop, Leftfoot. Provisions was modelled after a defunct punk club in New York called CBGB.

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