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Wed, Apr 10, 2013
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Cement truck wedding convoy video goes viral
by David Sun

Their love was cemented when the trucks rolled in.

On March 31, a convoy of 14 cement trucks rolled into Pasir Ris Street 52, blaring air horns to the tune of Speak Softly Love - the theme song of 1972 hit film The Godfather and one of the groom's favourite songs.

It was the wedding day of cement truck driver Haikal Husin, 29, and 22-year-old Nur Amalina, now a housewife.

She heard the honking from the multi-purpose hall she was sitting in, and was told by excited family members and friends about the convoy, which was led by the groom himself.

"I didn't know his plans at all. They were a surprise," she said.

"When they told me he had come in his cement truck, I thought he was followed by a normal convoy of cars, but he was instead followed by his colleagues in their own cement trucks."

Her friends and family rushed out to take pictures and videos, but she had to remain in the multi-purpose hall and wait to be claimed in accordance to wedding customs.

"I wish I could have gone out to see how he made his entrance," she said.

"But I eventually got to see it all from the videos and pictures my family members took."

One of the videos went viral, with more than 600 shares since it was uploaded on Wednesday.

Pictures taken by residents were also posted on Stomp.

Madam Amalina said: "We were at a photo shoot just after the wedding when we found out (that it was posted on Stomp), and I started scolding my husband.

"But he kept reassuring me that everything was going to be all right and I calmed down."

Some netizens called it a hazard and an inconvenience, but most comments were positive, calling it "uniquely Singaporean" and a "very creative" wedding.

But the couple said they were sorry for any inconveniences caused.

Mr Haikal said: "It was never my intention to disturb the residents, and to all who were disturbed and unhappy, I am sorry."

He added that they had taken extra care not to block the road.

His colleague, Mr Ayim, 30, was the coordinator of the convoy. He had known Mr Haikal for only five months, but was excited when he was told of the wedding plans.

"I think we were the first ones in Singapore to do something like that and it got me very excited," said Mr Ayim, adding that he could coordinate the convoy only the week before the wedding.

The day before the wedding, all of them got together to decorate Mr Haikal's truck.

"When we saw the surprised faces at the wedding, it was worth it. It was a very rewarding feeling, " said Mr Ayim.

Mr Haikal, who has been a cement truck driver for five months, came up with the idea of having a cement truck convoy because of his job.

"Most people rent out fancy cars, but I didn't see a reason to follow suit," he said.

"It's because of this cement truck driving job that I was able to earn enough money to get married."

He declined to say how much he earned each month, but said it was "sufficient",

The wedding cost about $30,000.

"Most people think that driving a cement truck is an odd job, but I think it's very decent," said Madam Amalina, adding that they intend to start a family soon.

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