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Wed, May 22, 2013
Daily Chilli
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Once skinny A-Mei now dubbed 'Chinese Adele'

Taiwanese singer A-Mei used to be a skinny little thing with a big voice, but fans have been shocked by her sudden weight gain. The Mandopop diva has obviously piled on the pounds recently-and it seems to have begun around the time she started dating her boyfriend, Sam the bartender.

Celebrity watchers claim she changed for bigger-mentioning the plus-size of her arms, thighs and chin-ever since her relationship came into the picture. Some have already taken to naming her the "Chinese Adele".

Though die-hard fans have said they don't care about her appearance, some fans have pleaded with her to "Please stop gaining weight". Others have suggested that if she doesn't watch what she eats, she would become a Han Hong, a Chinese singer whose body is noted as much as her voice.

Of course, the media has weighed in on the matter by asking her if she feels "confident with [her] fuller figure these days", to which she's replied, "Still okay." Internet trolls, as expected, have posted comments telling her to change her name from Chang Hui-mei to Chang Pang-mei (meaning "fat girl" in Mandarin).

But if there is one thing that's really Adele-ish about A-Mei is that both artistes are rolling in the deep with the fashion world-A-Mei has just launched her own line of designer high-heel shoes in Taiwan. She created the shoes herself and yes, some sizes are already sold out.

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readers' comments
Siao lah .... the matured men ... she is in the right proportion .... meaty meaty chubby chubby girl then sexy and tempting wat .... only young boys prefer bony skinny unnourished (like models) that only got "looks" .... :p :D
Posted by Small Fly on Wed, 22 May 2013 at 11:46 AM
How sad can one be for not being loved for who they are.
Posted by mystrawberry on Wed, 22 May 2013 at 11:17 AM

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