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Mon, Jun 17, 2013
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Step by step: Hair tonics
by Gladys Chung

Contrary to common belief, hair tonic is not just for balding men; it is for anyone who wants healthy hair.

Almost every established haircare brand, including Aveda, Phyto Hair Science, Shiseido and Kerastase, now recommends hair tonics for a complete haircare ritual.

When applied correctly and with the advice of a certified trichologist or experienced hairstylist, hair tonic can help you get healthier and thicker hair like actress Aishwarya Rai's.

These cocktails, which are essentially scalp lotions, are often packed with potent ingredients which supposedly stimulate hair growth by rejuvenating the scalp.

Ms Louella Chng, a trichologist at the Phyto Hair Science chain of hair spas, gives tips on how to apply hair tonic correctly.

However, she stresses that using the wrong hair tonics may make a scalp problem worse. One should always consult a dermatologist or trichologist to ascertain the condition of the scalp to treat hair loss or thinning more effectively.

Product recommendations are by Ms Chng and Urban.

l Always follow the instructions stated on the product.

The directions for use are different for each hair tonic; some must be used on a dry scalp, while others can also be applied on a damp one.

l Always make sure you apply the tonic onto the scalp.

If you don't part your hair into neat sections, the tonic might end up on the roots of the hair, which can affect the tonic's efficacy. Divide your hair into sections of about a square inch each and drip the tonic onto the scalp.

l Apply the tonic in a systematic way.

To make sure you cover your whole scalp, start by applying hair tonic from your hairline and work towards your crown, section by section. Then apply tonic from your nape and work towards the crown.

l Massage the tonic into the scalp.

Gently press the pads of your fingers into the scalp and massage it in circular movements.

Apply light but firm pressure, then release.

Start at the section near your temples and work towards the back of your head.

When that is done, briskly rub the scalp all over with your finger tips.

For hair tonics, try: Phyto Hair Science Anti Hair Loss Intensive Treatment, left, $328, from Phyto Hair Science at 04-12 Wheelock Place; Aveda Invati Scalp Revitaliser, $106, from Aveda at Tangs Beauty; or Shiseido Professional Adenovital Scalp Essence, $115.55, from Hair Atelier by Shunji Matsuo, 04-04 Ion Orchard.


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