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Wed, Jul 03, 2013
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Better skin, naturally

People troubled by acne scars, chicken- pox marks, pigmentation or dark spots once had few options.

In fact, they had to undergo repeated skin-exfoliation treatment or resort to painful laser sessions to rid themselves of such blemishes.

Besides being physically trying, the treatments tended to be heavy on the wallet.

But thanks to products from companies like Skin-Logical, getting rid of blemishes is easier - and cheaper - now.

Skin-Logical uses 100 per cent natural, herbal products from Germany. Its claim is that its products clear skin "from inside out" because of a special ingredient, Bio, which conditions the skin to shed the damaged layer and replace old cells with new ones.

This will leave the user with smooth and baby-soft skin.

The best part of it all is that the product is suitable for all skin types.

Mr Ong Chee Wee, an engineer, used to be plagued by bad skin.

He had everything from whiteheads to pimples and acne scars.

This caused the 31-year-old to be teased mercilessly by his friends, which resulted in him developing low self-esteem.

Things began to turn around for him when he started using the Skin-Logical Bio-active regenerative treatment.

Within two weeks, all of his skin problems were resolved.

Now, that's a winner.

Skin-Logical treatment centres can be found at Tampines, Bedok North and Orchard Road. Its Bio-active treatment is going for $68 (U.P. $138) for a limited time.

Call 6441-3128 for more information.


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