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Mon, Jul 01, 2013
Her World
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Not all women cool with 'plastic' men
by Jeanne Tai

But not all women are as cool. Mike*, a 20-something finance professional, says his girlfriend doesn't approve of men going for plastic surgery.

So he waited until she went on an overseas job posting for a few months before getting liposuction on his tummy. His hectic job doesn't leave him much time to exercise. "I felt guilty but had no other choice. I wanted to get a better waistline and couldn't get rid of the flabbiness any other way." He's happy with the result, rating his new look as an "eight upon 10".

By the time his girlfriend returns, the post-surgery scars will heal, leaving behind just a small, barely noticeable "dot" on his torso. It will simply look as if he's lost weight - the natural way. He's even concocting an alibi now so she will not get suspicious. "Whenever we talk on the phone these days, I tell her I'm going to the gym regularly. She won't know that I've slimmed down because of the surgery."

*Names have been changed

Would you dump your man if he had cosmetic surgery behind your back?

YES 28 per cent

NO 72 per cent

Would you get "fixed"?

Men say…


"After all, society often judges us on our appearance first."

- Darren Tan, 24 student

"There's an increasing expectation for men to have the total package: looks, money and career. Plastic surgery is just a tool that gives people confidence."

- William Chia, 33, teacher


"We should be more appreciative of what we're born with." - Mohamed Nurizzat, 26, civil servant "I think you should be proud of what you look like."

- Muhaimin Mohamed Hamin, 27, civil servant

"After all, imperfections make us unique."

- James Ong, 40, online and social media editor

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