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Sun, Jul 14, 2013
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Mid-year break for your skin
by Gladys Chung


VShape Facetherapy at Prive Clinic

03-03 Palais Renaissance; tel: 6737-6639 $535 for 60 minutes

What it is: Feeling saggy around the jawline? This treatment uses both radiofrequency and ultrasound waves to lift facial contours for a sharper jawline.

The treatment works best on those in their late 20s to early 40s. Results are almost immediate and said to last at least a month.

The treatment: The therapist first applied a radiofrequency gadget to my skin to gradually heat it up to about 40degC (the optimal temperature to stimulate collagen).

When my skin reached that temperature, my face felt as hot as it would be after a 5km run - bearable.

Ultrasound waves were then administered to supposedly break down fat cells. I did not feel anything much besides a cool metal tip gliding on my skin.

The machine did, however, give out a slightly unpleasant screechy white noise and I was given earplugs to block out the sound.

After the treatment, my face was flushed and I looked like I had just completed a spinning class, minus the sweat.

I noticed that my laughlines and the fine lines on my neck were significantly less obvious, and my face looked lifted and slimmer.

I was also told that my skin would continue to tighten for the next six to twelve hours.

The next day, my face did look a little firmer and brighter than it did right after the session.

I did not get the V-shaped face of my dreams because I simply do not have the bone structure, but this treatment was good enough for me. The effects lasted about three to four weeks.

Hydra Force Facial at the Decleor Institut

Seviin at Tangs Orchard; tel: 6738-0200 $220 for 90 minutes

What it is: This facial promises to hydrate the skin with Decleor's reformulated Hydra Floral range that contains wild pansy (to improve water circulation in skin), samphire (which strengthens the skin barrier), moringa (for its anti-pollution effects) and sunflower extracts (to protect the skin from sun damage).

The treatment: The facial started with a double cleansing ritual that included a scrub made from sunflower seeds and wheatgerm.

I was then given a relaxing pressure point facial massage using the brand's best-selling Aromessence Neroli Essential Serum that made me fall asleep almost immediately.

This was followed by a hydrating mask and a massage on my shoulder and hands with a neroli-scented balm.

It was a simple facial and I was not expecting drastic results, but I was impressed when I saw how my face glowed and remained bright for the next three days.

Qi Reviving Facial at the Shiseido Facial Studio Seviin at Tangs Orchard; tel: 6311-3317 $120 for 80 minutes

What it is: Suitable for all skin types, this facial promises to rejuvenate and refine one's skin texture with Shiseido's professional Qi range of products. Shiseido's signature shiatsu massages on the face, neck and arms also work on clearing the meridien pathways in the body.

The studio assigns each repeat customer to the same therapist so that proper follow-ups can be done.

The treatment: After a double cleansing process, the therapist used a suction tip (which felt like a tiny, gentle vacuum cleaner against the skin) to remove impurities. No extraction is done during this facial because its aim is to put one in a complete state of relaxation.

I was then given a firm but soothing facial massage that claims to be able to help lift my features and drain the lymph nodes around my face. This was followed by a cool peel-off gel mask. My arms and hands were also kneaded - the therapist said it would help improve my digestive system.

After the treatment, I felt energised for the rest of the day (considering that I had less than eight hours of sleep the night before). My pores appeared smaller, my laughlines seemed softer and my skin looked smoother. My face also looked less puffy.

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