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Tue, Aug 20, 2013
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Miss Independent
by Diva


Winnie Quek, in her 30s, a customer service officer, started going for dating events in 2008 after breaking up with her boyfriend of three years. About once a month, she attends events organised by private dating agencies like Completeme and A Dance Date.

It's not easy putting yourself "out there", but Winnie's never been fazed. While many women prefer to attend social mixers with a friend, the quietly confident Winnie enjoys going for group dating events - with as many as 30 to 40 participants - by herself.

"I used to go with my girlfriends, but they dropped out when they couldn't find anyone and got discouraged. Since then, I've been going on my own," she says. She's "pretty open" to dating events, and has never felt intimidated without moral support from gal pals.

"It's a win-win situation: even if I don't find a date, I can look out for more friends. It's better than just heading home after work," she says. Winnie's gung-ho attitude led her to strike up a friendship with a fellow female regular, now a good pal.

Any male friends? Not yet, though she did go out on a few dates last year with someone she met at a speed-dating event. He was a nice guy - someone who might have met her criteria for Mr Right: an understanding man, caring towards family.

It fizzled out due to their conflicting work schedules - he travelled frequently for work, while she puts in long hours in the retail industry - but they parted on good terms. She's still hoping to find her match. It's what prompted her to recently sign up for salsa dancing classes for singles, and to consider using a matchmaking agency.

She won't rule out dating vouchers either. Winnie claims she wouldn't be offended if someone gave her those controversial vouchers to redeem dating services and events. "I would be encouraged to know that someone's rooting for me to find my Mr Right." Vouchers or not, the search goes on for her. "I figure my chances of finding a match are 50-50 - and that's enough to keep me going back for more," Winnie says.

Winnie's tip: "To stand out at an event, wear brightly coloured clothing - think red or pink. Men are visual and are attracted to such eye-catching colours. It's hard to overhaul my mostly-black wardrobe, but I'm trying!"


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