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Fri, Sep 13, 2013
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Here are the best-ever wedding photos
by Kumaresan Sukumar

Singapore - It was a super wedding for analyst Sng Shouzi and manager Dawn Neo, as they had The Flash, Batman and Robin, Wolverine, Spiderman and Captain America as groomsmen.

Well, not exactly. The couple wanted a fun superhero-themed wedding, so they got the groomsmen to dress up as the comic icons.

In keeping with the fun theme, they had their wedding photoshoot at Changi Airport.

Dawn said that people at the airport were amused by the concept for the photoshoot, and some even took photos with them.

"We thought it would be a fun idea and it turned out to be better than we expected," she said.

The superhero concept took three months of preparations to go from idea to reality.

And their efforts have paid off. Not only was their wedding unique, but they are also among the winners of STOMP's Best Ever Wedding Photo Contest 2013.

Dawn said they chose the concept for their wedding because Shouzi was an avid fan of superheroes and felt it would be a fitting homage to his favourite characters.

Four other lucky couples also won the contest.

Couples had to submit photos and videos, along with a short write-up, of their wedding. Judges analysed the entries based on how unusual or downright quirky the photos and videos were, and whether they told a great story.

Entries with elements like clever proposals and themed weddings stood to score more points from the judges.

Take account managers James Eu, 30, and Angie Goh, 27, for example. They got into a fistfight just before their wedding. Not for real, of course.

Rather, the couple got into the boxing ring, complete with boxing gloves and wedding outfits, for their photoshoot.

They even had a video of them in a high-speed car chase, with James having to bust out some gongfu moves to fight off the baddies and save Angie.

Their pre-wedding photos and videos took a whole year of preparation, and a 20-strong team travelled with the couple to three countries for the filming.

When asked how they felt about being one of the five pairs of winners for the contest, James said: "We were not really looking to win, but we thought people would understand why we put so much effort into our big day. And they did."

While James and Angie proved that proper planning can lead to a memorable wedding, the marriage of 26-year-old customer-service officer Nur Syahidah and 32-year-old Zulkifli highlighted that impromptu moments can make an occasion special as well.

The couple had not thought of doing anything out of the ordinary for their wedding. But when they saw a photo booth at their wedding dinner, it inspired them to make last-minute props that led to a series of quirky photos.

In her entry, Syahidah revealed why they chose to take such impromptu wedding photos. "My outlook is that life always has to be fun. Weddings cannot be serious all the time, and life is too short, so we should enjoy as much as we can."

She was elated to be among the winners, as was Alex Khaw. For his and Mandie's wedding, he decided to produce a series of videos, and even planned the storyboard and set the branding for the wedding concept himself.

He also did the video editing himself and got his wife to do the colour editing. And, to top it all off, he rented a Lamborghini and a Ferrari as the bridal cars.

His entry stood out as a result, earning him a place among the contest winners.

While the other winning entries stood out for their quirky or creative elements, one entry caught the judges' attention because it tugged at their heartstrings.

Account-development manager Geraldine Lim's heartfelt story explained how she had taken her pre-wedding photos with her fiance, Keith Koh, who worked in the logistics line, in Taiwan last year.

Tragically, a few days after they returned from their trip, Keith died in a traffic accident.

Geraldine wanted to share the photos with STOMPers as they represented memorable moments for her, and she hadn't had a chance to showcase the album.

She, along with the four other winners, will receive $100 in shopping vouchers from Takashimaya, Kinokuniya and Harvey Norman.

If you missed this contest, fret not. Look out for more contests at and you could stand to win great prizes.

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