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Wed, Sep 25, 2013
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Malaysia: Gigolos in hot demand
by L. Suganya

Kuala Lumpur - Imagine having the perfect romantic evening - candle light dinner, great conversation, a charming and attentive partner and the possibility of it ending with a sensual note.

A night where you are treated like a queen, every wish attended to and every fantasy fulfilled, with no strings attached.

This is what many men are willing to do for you, in exchange of some cold hard cash.

With just a few clicks of the mouse and the correct key words, women can have their pick of the kind of man that they fancy through social media sites, blogs or even websites catering especially for this purpose.

A surprising number of sites offering the services of gigolos are easily available and are frequented by an equally surprising number of Malaysian women.

One of the gigolos, who goes by the name Jet, offers online menus that he gives to potential customers, who can then choose the package that they want.

"You can choose to go for the one day package, which starts with an erotic massage and ends with sex for RM350 (S$136), or choose the one month package for RM1,500," he said.

He added that the price and package can be adjusted based on the clients preferences but the menu covers the basics.

He even offered a 90 to 95 per cent discount for certain dates in Oct as it was his birthday.

"I usually meet my clients for a romantic dinner first before we go to a hotel. All the expenses are taken care of the clients,of course," he said when The Star Online enquired, posing as a client.

Jet was perfectly content to have a lengthy conversation and said that he usually chats with his clients till 12 am.

"I like to give a sample of what they can expect," said the man, who claimed to be a 28-year-old Eurasian.

Jet, who said that he was a postgraduate student at a local university, started the part-time 'job' one and a half years ago when he realised that he could enjoy sexual relationships with many women and get paid for it.

"I like sex and people are willing to pay for it, so why not?" he said.

As the conversation progressed, Jet offered to lower the price for the first 'service' to RM220 and then to RM150.

"Maybe you can try my service first. I'm sure you will come back, You can even recommend your friends to me," he said.

Jet, however, was pretty picky about the age group, preferring those between the age of 18 and 35.

"I've had sugar mamas before and they can be really demanding and difficult. If you want to recommend, I prefer the younger ones," he said.

Contrary to popular belief, the 'clients' who look for these men are not only rich older ladies, divorcees or widows, but also attractive young women who just want a night or few nights of fun without any complications that comes with a real relationship.

They seem to be willing to risk diseases and possibility of going out with dangerous characters, to deal with loneliness or to fulfil their carnal desires.

Gigolos who want to earn some extra cash advertise themselves and all those interested have to do is contact them through the phone numbers given or drop them a private message to arrange for the meeting, discuss the requirements and the price.

Men of different races, nationality, body type, age and class were available, and the prices ranged between RM30 and RM1000 per night depending on their attractiveness, popularity and the clients' demands, although some were willing to negotiate the price if the clients were attractive and 'give them a good time'. In his profile page, Jet posted scantily clad pictures of himself, only with the face blurred.

"The whole process is very discrete. I only exchange photos and phone number with serious clients," he said.

He also specifies that he only takes one client at a time and allows a three day gap between each client for hygiene purposes.

"That is very important and you don't have to worry about STD as I go for screenings every month," said Jet, when questioned about the safety from contracting Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) when indulging in such dalliance.

"Do not go to just anyone. Get some reference and meet in a public place first. Only if you are satisfied, you hire the person," he said.

Another gigolo, who called himself King, also offered similar services and accompanied his sales pitch with a photo of himself putting his physique on display.

An Iranian national who allegedly came here to do his postgraduate studies, King said that he had to take up the job of a gigolo when the currency of his country dropped.

"I worked a few years and saved up to come here. But when the currency rate dropped, I did not have any choice but to do this job," he said.

He, however, refused to name a price until a face to face meeting was arranged.

Although many claimed to be students in need of extra cash and working adults who wanted quick bucks to satisfy their lust for a more luxurious life, there were many still who wanted only take advantage of the women who were daring or desperate enough to look for such services.

Crude messages and invitations were aplenty and the safety of those who indulged in such activities were not guaranteed.

A further probe by The Star Online, however, revealed that just like female prostitution and escort services, gigolos also have different classes and price range.

Many whispered that there were 'high-end' gigolos who only advertise through word of mouth and cater to an exclusive clientele, most of whom were rich trophy wives who had the money to hire the gigolos, who charge very steep prices for their services.

Whispers remain just that unless you know someone who knows someone who knows that you have the money.

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