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Fri, Oct 18, 2013
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Out, out, spot!
by Dr Komathy Rajaratnam

Teenage acne is a difficult condition. It's hard to treat and it impacts the psyche, leading to poor self-esteem and depression at times. Acne in teenage boys tends to be worse and more likely to be cystic nodular acne, which then goes on to leave bad scars.

Combination treatment is the cornerstone for acne as there are many factors involved in producing acne.

Treatment comprises a combination of at least two topicals such as antibacterial, retinol, azelaic acid or fruit acids.

Adjunctive treatments are chemical peels, blue light treatment and oral medication such as isotretinoin and hormonal preparation such as Diane.

Chemical peels are a favourite for mild to moderate acne as not only does it reduce and control the acne, but also removes the blemishes.

Blue light is effective and has no downtime but requires frequent visits.

Isotretinoin is used widely for acne that is moderate to severe and is nodular-cystic. It's the only treatment that can be termed a cure for acne.

Ideally, it is best to start treatment as soon as possible to avoid scars as scars are more difficult to treat.

Acne On Back/Chest/Buttocks

Usually affects young women who are then not able to wear fashionable clothes as they need to keep the dark spots covered - especially those on the chest and back. The spots can be easily removed via a combination of creams and chemical peel.

Acne Scars

Many in the past have had to live with badly scarred faces. These days nobody has to put up with acne scars. Technology has advanced greatly to create machines that can get rid of scars.

Treatments available are fractional lasers, TCA peels and micro needling.

Be aware that certain fractional lasers carry a higher risk of hyperpigmentation or burns on tanned skin.

Dr Komathy Rajaratnam is the founder of The Lifestyle Clinic at 16-03 Camden Medical Centre, Tel: 6733-0788. Her articles in upcoming issues will deal with beauty and aesthetic issues relevant to the Indian body type.

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