updated 18 Nov 2013, 21:26
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Thu, Oct 31, 2013
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'Bigger is not always better'

Singapore - Wedding planners said it is common for couples to try to outdo each other.

Ms Maria Jaffar, owner of MJ Wedding, said couples even take loans to hold grand ceremonies.

Some struggle later to repay their debts.

Ms Maria has been in the industry for more than 10 years and organises weddings almost every weekend - except during the fasting month.

She said that even though most of her clients promptly settle their payments, about five every year fail to do so.

She said: "Some still owe me money after the wedding and they would come up with all kinds of excuses not to pay me.

"I still wish them all the best and will not pursue them any further for their payment. Every year, I write off more than $10,000 in bad debts."

Ms Mimie Addam, who owns Tamara Bridal, insists that couples settle all their payments one week before their wedding day.

Ms Mimie, who is in her 40s and has been running her company for seven years, advises couples to save before their big day and spend within their means.

She said: "I've arranged ceremonies that cost as low as $6,000 and I've also helped plan some that cost about $50,000."

Ms Maria said: "I have this advice for couples - be prepared to make heavy losses when you hold a wedding.

"There is no way you can recuperate your expenses from your wedding 'hongbao'."

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