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Thu, Nov 07, 2013
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Ways women can detect breast cancer

Breast self-examination

Women aged 20 and above should do self-examinations monthly. It should be done on a fixed day every month.

Women should look out for changes in their breasts such as a lump, a change in the shape and size or even a dimpling or puckering of the skin. (Like an orange peel.)

Clinical breast examination

Those above 40 are recommended to have their breasts examined at the doctor's annually.

If there are irregularities, the doctor will recommend further tests.

Mammography screening

During a mammogram (breast X-ray), the breast is gently flattened between two plates of the X-ray machine for a few seconds, to spread the tissue apart and get a good image of the breast.

This can detect even very small cancers. It is recommended that women between 40 and 49 have mammograms once a year, and those above 50 should go once every two years.

Source: Breast Cancer Foundation Singapore website

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