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Sun, Nov 10, 2013
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Why so desperate?
by Noor Ashikin Abdul Rahman

Up until Tuesday, Jaimie Alexander occupied a dusty space in my memory reserved for unimportant and unknown actors or actresses.

Then she wore The Dress to the Los Angeles premiere of superhero movie Thor: The Dark World.

You know, the one that just barely concealed her essential bits; the one that's been labelled one of the most revealing gowns ever; the one that didn't allow her to don any underwear.

And now I can't shake off the image of her in that risque full-length, full-sleeved black Azzaro gown with back and front sheer panels that ran from the neck all the way down to her feet.

Her bum, navel, cleavage and bikini line were on display.

Call me a prude, but near-nudity at a high-profile red carpet event is distasteful, unnecessary and maybe slightly desperate.

I was perfectly content just knowing her as powerful Asgardian warrior Lady Sif in Thor, but now, I and the rest of the world have intimate knowledge of her body parts.

It took great effort on my part to not roll my eyes when the 29-year-old US actress revealed that after going through countless dresses, she settled on the Azzaro to reflect her "edgy" personality and "cover all (the) tattoos" on her arms.

Unfortunately, she forgot to cover everything else.

If it was attention she was seeking, she certainly got it from the international press, which gave her mixed reviews.

To her credit, it's a smart and strategic move for a newbie - the supporting actress stole the thunder from Thor hunks Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston.

Days later, she remains the talk of the town.

No doubt, it has propelled Alexander from a nobody to a sex symbol overnight.

I have to admit, her body is absolutely amazing and well-toned - something the brunette beauty reportedly achieved with plenty of weight training two months ahead of filming the movie.

She surprisingly managed to avoid any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions with the help of her representative and stylist Emilie Pereira, who also felt it was "a fashion risk... worth taking", according to E! News.

That's not something that can be said for other Hollywood stars who have dared to bare.

As much as I love and respect all these women, I can't help but cringe at all that skin screaming at me.

Let's try to reach a compromise here.

I can forgive a tasteful display of legs, bum or cleavage. But flash all three at once, and sexy quickly turns to sleazy.

Five facts about Jaimie Alexander

1) She has been dating The Twilight Saga star Peter Facinelli, 39, since last year.

2) She told Movieline in 2011 that if she wasn't an actress, she would have been a chef.

3) She was in the music video for Matthew Perryman Jones' Save You in 2009.

4) Rumours are rife that she is in talks with Marvel and DC Comics and might take on the role of superhero Wonder Woman for a film.

5) She has four brothers. She was on her high school wrestling team where she initially trained with the guys before more girls were recruited.

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