updated 26 Nov 2013, 13:28
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Thu, Nov 21, 2013
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Confession: I'm envious of my friends because they don't have a cheapskate BF like mine

A confession by an unhappy girlfriend, labelling her boyfriend a "cheapskate" for not splurging on her birthday, has received a lot of backlash. RazorTV takes to the streets to find out just how cheap is too cheap?

A confession made by an unhappy girlfriend has been making its rounds on Facebook and Stomp.

The NUS student stated that she was unhappy with her frugal boyfriend for not giving her a fancier birthday celebration.

The post drew close to 600 comments on Facebook in two days, with many respondents jumping to the boyfriend's defense.

These are the responses from members of the public that RazorTV spoke to:

"No. The girl's asking too much, at least the guy did something."

"Singapore's culture is very expensive, everything is very expensive. I want to buy for her something is also very expensive, so.. yeah maybe that's why we.. we guys only get to buy only cheap stuff like that."

"I think it's ridiculous lah, as long as it's something from the heart I think it's fine."

But one interviewee said the card shows "a lack of sincerity", and the boyfriend should have bought a present.

However, most people RazorTV spoke to felt the girl was "expecting too much", and that she should at least appreciate the effort.

"The guy is really very sweet to do it, but I bet like.. for her I guess that she is a material girl."

Seems most people subscribe to the saying - it's the thought that counts. But surely, there's a limit. So, how cheap is too cheap?

Here are some other responses:

"Even if it's a $1 thing, if like you put your sincerity in it then ya I guess it's fine."

"If a guy actually gets you something, it's really very nice. It doesn't matter if it's cheap or expensive."

"Small, small teddy bears, no. Keychains and all that, no."

"For the fact that the guy loves the girl, I think he really will put in effort. So.. there's nothing called cheapskate in that.. in that sense."

But that's not to say every gift is great. Singaporeans RazorTV spoke to have received some pretty bad ones:

"Cheapest thing ah? A break up. No lah I'm just kidding."

"Sometimes, if they have money they would rather choose to go out with their friends than their girl. To spend it on their girl or what. Like him."

"I think I got something like a re-used birthday gift. The one was being re-used and it got back to me in the end."

"I won't say cheap but the smallest thing, you know last time we had this Chinese that chocolate $1 coin? Yeah that's most probably the cheapest thing I've ever gotten."

"Okay lah, like when you open, I thought it was a real $1 until I realised that I could actually eat the thing."

"Okay I was in a relationship with someone and I bought this person an iPad. Yeah an iPad, like the most expensive iPad. And in return, she gave me a candle. So that was it for me, and then we broke up like one month later. So that was it, like.. no more iPads."

Oh well, guess it's like they say. When it comes to love: you win some, you lose some.

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