updated 24 Nov 2013, 03:46
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Tue, Nov 19, 2013
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'I already have a 'baby': Karen Mok responds to questions over future family plans

'I already have a baby' was the cheeky reply Karen Mok gave to reporters when she was quizzed about her view to starting a family.

That 'baby' is actually her work commitments, which is quite hectic judging by her recent schedule, reported My Paper.

She only got a few hours in Hong Kong upon her return from staging a concert in Shanghai, before she was on another flight back to Beijing to promote her upcoming gigs in the capital city and Chongqing.

The trip to China will be followed by a stopover in Taiwan for work matters, which has filled her schedule to mid-2014 according to reports.

However, Karen says her hectic workload, and lack of spare time, is not the reason why she's not intent on starting a family for now.

"It's not about whether we have free time, but rather we have no plans at all to have a 'BB' because there isn't a need to rush it," she quipped.

She added that she and her husband intend to enjoy the companionship of each other for a while more and that they have no plans to adopt as well.

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