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Thu, Nov 21, 2013
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Waiting for 'right timing' to fall in love
by Jocelyn Lee

Veteran local TV star Li Nanxing believes in "the right timing" when it comes to love.

The 49-year-old, who is single, told The New Paper at The Journey: A Voyage press conference: "Everyone has their own timing. When the time is here, you will find your loved one. It's all about fate."

He added: "For me, my timing is not here yet. I am still observing and looking around."

In the new series, the actor plays a brave and righteous poor man who makes it big later on with a booming oil business in South-east Asia.

Li, who divorced former MediaCorp actress Yang Libing in 2005 and never remarried, believes that communication and tolerance are what make a relationship work.

Drawing from own observations of his married friends, Li feels it is normal for couples to quarrel from time to time, but how they handle the argument afterwards is very important.


He said: "Over the past years, I have seen very loving couples who always give in to each other and put in effort to make their love grow.

"All these small details make a difference, and make the relationship very smooth-sailing."

However, the man himself is not ready to settle down again yet.

"You must first have the right mindset before you get into a relationship. Once you decide to commit, you must have the ability to maintain and sustain it. It's not just empty words," he said.

"I will probably think about settling down only when I retire from acting. For now, I will focus on work and aim to push my career to a higher level."

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