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Sun, Dec 29, 2013
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8 things in Felicia Chin's bag
by Stacey Chia

Actress Felicia Chin is playing her most challenging role yet. The 29-year-old actress will play a rugby coach in an upcoming Channel U drama called Scrum!, which will air in February next year.

Termed by a local magazine as one of the princesses of Caldecott Hill, the talented starlet has played a variety of roles since she started acting in 2003. The more notable ones include a kind-hearted fishball seller in Portrait Of Home in 2005 and a con artist in the 2011 drama series, Love Thy Neighbour.

But impressive range notwithstanding, the sweet-faced actress told Urban recently that her new role has been difficult to flesh out, as there is nothing of her in it.

"My character is straightforward and has no EQ. I could never be like that in real life," says Chin, who returned to acting full-time in June after taking a three-year break to pursue an undergraduate degree at the National University of Singapore that she has not finished.

It is strange she feels that way because the role of a rugby coach seems to fit her perfectly. The former national athlete still swims 20 laps at least three times a week to keep fit. In her teenage years, she played softball for her secondary school and junior college and was on the national softball team for three years.

Recently, she picked up aerial yoga - a form of yoga done while being suspended in mid-air - for her work as the new ambassador for Whisper Cosmo sanitary pads.

"Exercise is really important to me. I feel like I'm less lethargic and clumsy when I'm exercising regularly," she says. The other love in her life is acting. It is why she put her studies on hold to go back to it, she said.

"I may go back if I feel it can enrich my life at a point in time, but I've already learnt a lot so far from university," she says. She admitted it was difficult adjusting to school in her first year.

"Sometimes, students saw me as Felicia Chin the actress, rather than Felicia Chin the student. But, eventually, things got better," says the actress, who is single.

Will there be a third love in her life? Chin seems to be in no hurry, given her comment to Chinese women's magazine Nuyou last year. According to her, Singaporean men are shallow.

Still, in many ways, she is like any woman. "I think, once everything settles down, love will probably come my way," she says optimistically.

8 things in her bag


This was a present from a friend to help me write down my thoughts, but I'm not very good at keeping a diary. I've written in this for two weeks now - it's a start.


I like big shades and how they look on my face. They are also useful for hiding behind when I'm really tired and just want to get things done and go home.


I always carry a snack to eat in between takes so that I don't get gastric pain.


I carry perfume wherever I go and I choose them based on how I'm feeling. Today, I'm feeling cool so I'm using this scent, which is quite fresh and fruity


Inside this red packet is an amulet that my mum gave me for good luck. I don't get to see her very often because of my busy schedule, so having this also reminds me of her.


When I need to destress, I'll play on my Nintendo DS. My favourite game series is Super Mario.


I carry sweets because they help to boost my mood and energy levels on days when I have to work long hours. I like sweet and sour things, so I always have different types of sweets.


I may scare some drivers because, occasionally, I'll put a mask on when I'm driving. This is a no-rinse mask and I just need to pat my face dry when I'm done.

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