updated 26 Jan 2014, 03:44
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Fri, Jan 24, 2014
China Post/ANN
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Make-up commonly has preservatives: doctor

TAIPEI, Taiwan - A dermatologist yesterday said that it is not rare for cosmetics to contain preservatives that could prevent bacteria from growing.

Chiu Pin-chi, a dermatologist at National Taiwan University Hospital's Yun-Lin Branch, attended a press conference to tell the public the truth about the ingredients of most make-up.

Chiu said that many people prefer natural ingredients and try to avoid using products containing chemical ingredients. However, Chiu said, all cosmetics consist of chemical ingredients.

According to Chiu, dimethicone is added into many shampoos and conditioners on order to increase the softness of hair, but many people are afraid to use it. In fact, dimethicone is a really safe and stable ingredient that can be used for people who have damaged or dry hair, according to Chiu.

Chiu said that it is normal for make-up to contain preservatives, and it might trigger allergic reactions for some users, but preservatives are not the sole cause these symptoms.

A Consumers' Foundation survey showed that 70 per cent of lip balms contain paraffin wax, an ingredient that might damage one's skin, liver and kidneys.

However, Chiu said paraffin wax can be added into cosmetics after they are processed.

Chiu said people who conduct research on make-up should be rational and scientific when announcing statistics and data they generate in order to prevent causing unnecessary panic among customers.

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