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Tue, Feb 11, 2014
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Hey baby, what's your name?
by Gwendolyn Ng

What should Fann Wong and Christopher Lee name their baby? With the help of some SundayLife! readers, we came up with these names



TV queens Zoe Tay and Fann Wong were touted as "arch rivals" of Caldecott Hill in the 1990s. Later, an overzealous Tay badgered Christopher Lee to propose to Fann on stage at the Star Awards in 2005. It ended with a frantic Fann heading for the exit in embarrassment.

What better way to show all is cool between the two by naming baby after Zoe?


One of Fann's most beloved roles is the ethereal Xiao Long Nu (Little Dragon Girl) in the local production, Return Of The Condor Heroes (1998). Lee played her disciple-turned-lover Yang Guo in the period drama that was a remake of Louis Cha's famous novel.

Since Xiao Long Nu may have copyright infringement issues, we suggest Dragoness, which has the bonus of sounding like a character out of one of the hottest TV shows in the world right now - Game Of Thrones.


SundayLife! reader Isabel Joanna suggests Estefanny, a Fann-inspired variation of Estefany, a word of Greek and Spanish origin, which she says means crown - perfect for the scion of TV royalty, and also primes her to be a future brand ambassador for Estee Lauder.


The real celebrity couple turned into a reel celebrity couple in the local comedy The Wedding Game.

In the movie, Jack Fang (Lee) and Vikki Tse (Fann) are actors who have to struggle with their disdain for each other to enter a faux marriage for the sake of their show business careers.

We're sure the Lee and Fann marriage is the real deal. Er, has anyone seen their ROM certificate?


So Fann, a fan of the Sanrio cat, will always look forward to greeting her daughter: "Hello, Kitty!"



Celebrity hairstylist David Gan feeds the couple bird's nest soup and styles their locks. So what better way to honour their "godpa", whom they call Ah Bu (Hokkien for mother) than by naming their son after him? Who says the name is too ordinary for such a high-profile child? He would be the godgrandson of a Gan, okay?


If the actress, whose actual name is Fann Woon Fong, can use her surname as her first name, why can't her son? Lee Lee has a nice ring to it, though it sounds a tad girly.


Combination names are all the rage when it comes to super-couple celebs, such as Brangelina (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie). While Christofann and Fanntopher might be too obvious, reader M.Q. Chen has a bright idea: Chrisofunny.

Lee Min Ho

Lee and Fann should not limit their careers to Singapore, Taiwan and China. They should look to South Korea, which is East Asia's hottest entertainment scene right now. What better way to signal their intention to join the hallyu than by naming their son after one of K-drama's biggest stars?


One witty reader, Serene Chew, says: "Since she is Fann, her kid should be called Aircon." Or "Airconn", to echo mummy's name, suggests another reader. This name is not as stupid as it sounds. When the child goes to an elite school that has no air-conditioning because of funding cuts, his classmates will always have Airconn.

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