updated 29 Jul 2014, 23:06
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Wed, Mar 05, 2014
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Cecilia Cheung unhappy that life in S'pore has been disrupted by paparazzi

Cecilia Cheung and her two sons, Lucas and Quintus relocated to Singapore last year. Since moving to Singapore, she has been enjoying her ordinary life of being a homemaker.

Besides the good education system, Cecilia also likes the no-paparazzi culture in Singapore so that her sons can lead a quiet and normal life.

However, the Hong Kong actress is still being stalked by paparazzi and recently, tabloids even published photos of her and her sons and detailing their lifestyle in Singapore.

According to a report on Oriental Daily via Asian Pop News, Cecilia and her good friend, Rick Chin were at the Hong Kong airport to depart to Shanghai for a variety programme.

When being told that lead actor of My Love From the Star, Kim Soo-hyun was also a guest at the variety programme, Cecilia replied humourously, "I can see the stars when I raise my head. I am busy taking care of my sons so I don't have any time to watch the drama."

Cecilia also revealed her unhappiness that her family life in Singapore has been disrupted by the paparazzi.

Helpless about the situation, Cecilia said, "I can't control such things. If this goes on, we will have to move to Africa or Mongolia!"

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