updated 11 Mar 2014, 01:36
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Thu, Mar 06, 2014
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11 conned into spending thousands on gold thread lift procedure

A bogus doctor is alleged to have cheated 11 people of thousands of ringgit in the pretence of fixing their medical ailments and beauty problems through a gold thread lift procedure.

All found, however, that the treatment which involved injecting strands of gold thread into their faces and bodies, had no effect on their back pain, sinusitis and sagging skin.

"Each patient paid between RM240 (S$93) and RM40,000 believing that it would enhance their beauty and improve their health. Instead, their condition failed to improve and for some it even got worse," Datuk Seri Michael Chong, head of the MCA Public Services and Complaints Department said yesterday.

The 11 had lodged complaints with the department and Chong said he believed up to 200 people had undergone this procedure in Kuching alone.

Urging other victims to come forward, Chong said more could have been duped as they had yet to ascertain how many in the peninsula had undergone the procedure.

Insurance agent Goh Chen Yien, 50, from Kuching underwent the procedure to cure his sinus problem and to prevent other ailments.

He said the "doctor" did not apply any anaesthetic and used a needle to inject almost three metres of gold thread into his face and body.

He began to suspect that the man was bogus when his sinus problem recurred.

"After e-mailing two universities and a German medical centre where the suspect is allegedly based, I learnt that he had forged his academic certificates and affiliation to the medical centre," he said.

The victims have since lodged several police reports and hope that the authorities take immediate action against the man.

A gold thread lift is described as a minimally-invasive cosmetic surgery that improves facial wrinkles, sagging skin and jowls. It is introduced under the skin to encourage collagen production to fill out wrinkles and reduce sagging skin.

However, Malaysian Medical Association president Datuk Dr N.K.S Tharmaseelan said that the procedure is not recognised by the Health Ministry and advised the public to consult accredited cosmetic and plastic surgeons instead.

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