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Mon, Mar 17, 2014
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They've never owned a Barbie doll, but...
by Charlene Chua

They have never owned a Barbie doll.

Local host Diana Ser, married to former actor James Lye, took their daughter Christy to Barbie's 55th Anniversary Celebration for her first encounter with the doll.

Ser, 41, said: "I think Christy was just overwhelmed by all the pink there.

"I suspect Barbie is another 'princess' to her, just like Disney characters Belle and Ariel."

On the topic of body issues, she said: "I think it is more crucial that my kids have real-life role models. Christy, for example, gravitates towards other women in my life, such as my mum and my sister.

"When she's playing with toys, she's supervised and has limited time with them. So I'm not concerned that any one toy can affect her too much.

But Ser said that Barbie is always well-groomed and that can only be a good thing.

She has never owned one and admitted that when she was a child, she busied herself with catching spiders at the park near her grandmother's house.

Said Ser: "Through eating well, exercising and taking care of Christy's skin, (I have helped her maintain a healthy self-image).

"James and I work out regularly and I do pilates at home where she can see me. I think this will set the tone for her in future."


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