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Wed, Mar 19, 2014
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I like that I'm called a fake DJ
by Melissa Kok

Malaysian model-DJ Leng Yein does not mince her words and she is not afraid of the backlash when it comes her way.

The 29-year-old, who is a former beauty queen and American auto show Hot Import car model, was recently caught in an online spat with another female model-DJ, Singaporean DJ Tenashar.

Tenashar, a former FHM cover girl known for her skimpy outfits, is ranked No. 87 on DJ Mag's top 100 DJs poll.

Tenashar, 27, had accused Leng Yein of sabotaging her console at a concert at Sunway Lagoon in Kuala Lumpur last month, which sparked a war of words on Facebook.

Leng Yein, who denies Tenashar's charges, tells Life! of the online fiasco: "I am like Tenashar because we sell what people like to talk about: free publicity."

The DJ, who asserts that it was impossible for her to meddle with Tenashar's set-up before she took to the decks, adds: "But for what she said about me - that I sabotaged her equipment - if you're an F1 driver, you'd know your car well. As a newbie, an unseeded DJ, I was taught to always check my equipment and pay attention."

The Miss Malaysia World 2003 winner was last in the news in 2011 for undergoing several cosmetic procedures amounting to more than $100,000, including a nose job and breast enhancement.

The busty bombshell, who is single, was far from shy in flaunting her 34F assets in a tight, black corset top and hot shorts when Life! met her for this interview. She will be DJ-ing at Asian-fusion nightspot Neverland 2 as part of the club's new, all-female DJ series which kicks off on Thursday.

The club will have sexy female DJs helming the decks twice a month, featuring DJs such as Leng Yein, and DJs Roxy June and Faahsai from Thailand.

1 How did you get your start in DJ-ing?

I started learning to DJ two years ago on vinyl, and at the end of last year, I started learning to use CDJ and vinyl emulation software Serato.

Two years back, a headphone company approached me and asked me if I was a DJ, because all the big-boobed girls are now DJs. I said: "Okay, I have big boobs; I fit that category, if this is what you want, sponsor me and I'll do it".

It was just the one time, but I started DJ-ing again about three months ago.

2 What do you think about people who say you are a fake DJ?

I like that, because they have such low expectations of me... at least I don't slot in a pre-recorded CD. The joke is that I'm a bimbo or that I look like a stupid DJ but people hire me and the crowds haven't complained... yet.

I'm not the best but I won't be the worst. I've been playing piano since I was five, so I have a classical music background, I won't go out of beat.

3 Do you feel you have to flaunt your assets to get DJ gigs?

No, but you get paid so much better, without having to be a top DJ in the world. I earn a comfortable five-figure sum each month.

There's always a Lady Gaga or someone really popular in the world that is paid the most, but not many people can be such an icon; 99.9 per cent are just trying to make it like the top 0.01 per cent. I fall into that category. We just try to work and pay the rent.

4 So you don't let the negative criticism get to you?

I get mad, I cry, but I don't smash my stuff because I'd need to pay and buy them back again and I'm not that dumb. It gets to me and I go crazy, that's why I'm a crazy person.

5 Are your parents supportive of your career choice?

My family is conservative but very supportive. They say: "I'd rather you go out wearing a bikini doing what you do rather than strip in someone's room and 'cheat' them of their money", if you know what I mean.

6 Is this something you see yourself doing for quite a while?

I just started actively DJ-ing for three months or so. And I have shows in China, the Philippines and Japan soon. I'm grateful to everyone, whether they look down on me or support me, that they gave me a chance.

Whether they come to my show to mock me or to see how well I can do something, at least they come.

7 Will you speak to Tenashar if you bump into her in public?

I'm just going to smile and I need to respect people in the same profession as me, because she is a senior and I'm a junior. My mum always taught me to respect elders.

Tenashar is the first female Asian DJ to make it as a world top DJ. I hope one day, she can go up to No. 1.

8 How would you like to be remembered?

As someone strong, someone who will never be told what to do and live life the way others want her to live. I am my own woman.

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