updated 14 Apr 2014, 07:36
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Fri, Apr 11, 2014
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What Jessica Hsuan had to do to lose 5kg

HONG KONG - Jessica Hsuan has been working hard to return to her fit physique, and was able to show off the results of her effort proudly on April 9.

According to an article in Popular Asians, since her last TVB series, Tiger Cubs, in 2012, Jessica has been active only in China and has allowed herself a more relaxed filming schedule.

She was often seen sharing meals with friends during her off days, which some saw as the culprit behind her 20-pound (9kg) weight gain last year.

Despite the gossip, Jessica seemed happy when she appeared in public, and even joked about her plump physique.

Although she may have felt content in her own skin, a recent job offer has halted her extra food intake and sent her straight to the gym.

At an event held by Christian Dior, Jessica appeared in an elegant black dress that showed off her slimmer arms and legs, looking less bloated than her last public appearance.

She revealed that she has signed on to film an upcoming beauty commercial, and has lost 11 pounds (5kg) in just a month in order to look her best.

While the beauty company wanted Jessica to return to her previous 105-pound (48kg) figure, she feels it is an unreasonable goal for her age, and is only looking to lose five more pounds.

Even though she is close to achieving her ideal weight, her quick weight-loss result was not without serious sacrifice.

"I've been turning down social invitations, and I don't eat rice at night. I also exercise seven days a week. It is a busier schedule than going to work!"

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